Why Should an ASP.NET Developer Learn Python?

ASP .Net is the flagship product from Microsoft having an excellent track record. With time, technology depreciates and we can’t find a single technology that has ruled the whole history of IT industry. This is because nothing is perfect in the world and everything comes with some disadvantage. Though ASP .Net is a magnificent piece but it has few limitations that make it second choice in many circumstances. We have seen many ASP .Net developers transitioning to work in Python due to its unmatched quality and reliability. Well, learning a better technology is always welcomed in IT industry and so the case for Python as well. In this topic, we will discuss few factors that trigger ASP.Net developers to learn Python in order to serve the industry in a better manner.

why should an asp.net developer learn PythonPython is more powerful than ASP .Net: Python is well recognised in the industry as a powerful technology. The huge inbuilt resources make it so efficient that it will return extraordinary millage to the end product. The inbuilt resources are highly optimised and compatible enough to create high speed software applications. No matter which size of application you are going to develop, we can simply rely on Python.

Python is more popular than ASP .Net: Well Python is an old language and was in a dormant stage for more than a decade. With Google’s ambitious project i.e., unladen swallow, it gained not only performance but also popularity in the industry. A recent survey has revealed that the popularity of Python is higher than that of all time enterprise leader java. In that survey the number of entries for Python was simply beyond everyone’s imagination. This indicates the true popularity of Python in the industry and this is possible only due to the performance and reliability of this technology.

Python can handle any type of application: If you are an ASP. Net developer you must admit that your capability is limited within the web domain. On the contrary, Python has no such limit rather it can be used for a wide range of domains. Python can be used for desktop application development, hardware programming, game development and web development etc. Hence you have the option to work in any domain as per the requirement and wish. The best part is due to availability of extensive resources, the output of Python is always outstanding. Hence ASP .Net developers should also learn Python in order to serve the industry in a better manner.

Productivity will be more and cost of maintenance will be reduced: Python developers usually write less code as compared to asp .net developers. This is because of presence of a large number of inbuilt functions and classes within the technology that will definitely lessen the effort of the Python developer to a large extent. Hence, the time of development will also reduce and so the productivity will increase. Moreover Python encourages developers to write better readable and maintainable codes. This will definitely help in debugging the application in future and hence the maintenance cost of the project will decrease.

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Asp.Net Best Practices for Novice Developers

Why ASP .Net? A web developer understands the importance of a framework. Framework is something that helps in quick development process without compromising on quality of the end product. In fact, frameworks provide enough scope for the developer to take the advantage of modern features and industry standard security features in their application. Well ASP .Net is a web framework from Microsoft for .net developers. We all know the quality that Microsoft provides to the industry through its various outstanding products from its inception. ASP .Net is yet another wing to Microsoft’s success list. It provides adequate scope to ASP .Net developer in developing enterprising standard web applications in less time and effort. Today we will discuss few must know best practices of ASP .Net that can help any web developer in developing brilliant web application.

asp.net developers, outsource ASP.Net DevelopmentNaming convention is the first thing to consider: The best practices list starts with naming convention. This is the most important and basic thing that a developer must adopt. It makes him developing professional codes on ASP .Net platform. An ASP .Net developer must use an uniform naming convention for different components of a web programme like data type, class name, variable name, method name etc. He must prepare a document for the same so that he can follow it throughout the development process. Moreover when a new developer is projected to the development process, he can write the same professional codes on the IDE. It will definitely help in preparing well readable and maintainable code.

Proper Validation check: After naming convention, validation comes to the list. While an ASP .Net developer dealing with a web development project he usually finds many forms and fields in the application. These fields should be properly validated by the developer so that we can enter only correct data to the data base from the user interface. For example if there is a field for mobile number then we must check for only numeric value in the field. Along with that we should also check the number of numeric data entered into the field. Moreover we should also validate the field in backend programming. This is because to avoid any unethical access from hackers who can disable java script on the frontend.

Use of cache for performance: An ASP .Net developer should be aware of cache management. Cache memory is something that keeps some important user data like session value and few other important data so that the user can be given an improved user experience. On the other hand it also helps in avoiding unnecessary communication with the server making the application optimised.

Top level Security standards to be adopted: Security matters a lot in today’s life. We must ensure that our user is under a secure environment and his data can’t be accessed by anyone else. For the same ASP .Net developers can use 128 bit encryption technology for secure database connection. Moreover they can also implement multi tier security measures in the application for better security.

Adopt master page concept for professional look n feel: This is a new generation concept and we should adopt it. Through master page, a web application can get a uniform and professional look throughout the pages i.e., all the pages look similar and professional to the end user.

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