Asp.Net Best Practices for Novice Developers

Why ASP .Net? A web developer understands the importance of a framework. Framework is something that helps in quick development process without compromising on quality of the end product. In fact, frameworks provide enough scope for the developer to take the advantage of modern features and industry standard security features in their application. Well ASP .Net is a web framework from Microsoft for .net developers. We all know the quality that Microsoft provides to the industry through its various outstanding products from its inception. ASP .Net is yet another wing to Microsoft’s success list. It provides adequate scope to ASP .Net developer in developing enterprising standard web applications in less time and effort. Today we will discuss few must know best practices of ASP .Net that can help any web developer in developing brilliant web application. developers, outsource ASP.Net DevelopmentNaming convention is the first thing to consider: The best practices list starts with naming convention. This is the most important and basic thing that a developer must adopt. It makes him developing professional codes on ASP .Net platform. An ASP .Net developer must use an uniform naming convention for different components of a web programme like data type, class name, variable name, method name etc. He must prepare a document for the same so that he can follow it throughout the development process. Moreover when a new developer is projected to the development process, he can write the same professional codes on the IDE. It will definitely help in preparing well readable and maintainable code.

Proper Validation check: After naming convention, validation comes to the list. While an ASP .Net developer dealing with a web development project he usually finds many forms and fields in the application. These fields should be properly validated by the developer so that we can enter only correct data to the data base from the user interface. For example if there is a field for mobile number then we must check for only numeric value in the field. Along with that we should also check the number of numeric data entered into the field. Moreover we should also validate the field in backend programming. This is because to avoid any unethical access from hackers who can disable java script on the frontend.

Use of cache for performance: An ASP .Net developer should be aware of cache management. Cache memory is something that keeps some important user data like session value and few other important data so that the user can be given an improved user experience. On the other hand it also helps in avoiding unnecessary communication with the server making the application optimised.

Top level Security standards to be adopted: Security matters a lot in today’s life. We must ensure that our user is under a secure environment and his data can’t be accessed by anyone else. For the same ASP .Net developers can use 128 bit encryption technology for secure database connection. Moreover they can also implement multi tier security measures in the application for better security.

Adopt master page concept for professional look n feel: This is a new generation concept and we should adopt it. Through master page, a web application can get a uniform and professional look throughout the pages i.e., all the pages look similar and professional to the end user.

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10 Mistakes That Every .Net Developer Would Avoid Making

1. String concatenation instead of StringBuilder: When a software developer enters into the industry he has a habit of using string concatenation in asp .net just like he does in C and C++. But here the situation is different. In asp .net when we concatenate a string with a older one the entire new string get transferred to a new location and this process goes on as a result it leads to an inefficient process. To avoid this, there is a StringBuilder i.e., it enables the concatenation process that occur on the same location of the address leading to an efficient programming.

custom .net development company, .net application development, certified .net developers2. LINQ: While dealing with LINQ, programmers usually return the data to the first occurrence using “First” method but sometimes the “First” method doesn’t reside in the program. As a result an exception will be thrown. As a good asp .net developer, you should use “FirstOrDefault” so that the default value for the type will be returned and there will be no exception.

3. Mapping for rewriting properties: While dealing with a big data asp application, the developer many types need to write a property definition repeatedly. In that case as an efficient asp .net developer you should take the help of mapping tools like Automapper etc for more efficiency and accuracy.

4. Not using “using”: Using is a vital key word in C# but many asp .net developers are not aware of the same. It can be used not only for addition of namespaces but also for disposing objects. Though developers usually use it for the first case but they hesitate to use it for the second situation. So you should avoid hesitation to use “using” for disposing objects.

5. Use “foreach” instead of for: When you are aware of the number of elements in the array, you can use for loop. But this is not an efficient way of programming. Because this habit may lead to fatal situation in the course of application development. Hence you should use “foreach” to avoid all types of critical situations.

6. Unnecessary db calls: Usually new asp .net developers make multiple calls to the database unnecessarily while programming in C#. They think it will help in more accurate database operation. But they unaware of the unnecessary load on the server. Hence you must avoid multiple db calls.

7. Misunderstanding default value for uninitialized variables: When we write programme in C#, many times we deal with variables which are uninitialized. While checking the values of those uninitialized variables we think it is a null value but this is not the true case. Because C# adds a value to every uninitialized variables unlike in case of a class.

8. Improper string comparison: Usually new asp .net developers implement “==” operator to compare two strings. But, this is not at all accepted from a good developer. You should use “equals” method for the same.

9. Allowing Complier Warnings: While working with any programming language, developers usually don’t bother much about the warnings. But it is really a bad practice. Before you over look any warning you must know the reason behind. So you should be careful while avoiding any type of warning in your application during compilation.

10. Use exception handler: Usually developers are over confident while programming their application and they forget to implement exception handler in the programme. This is really a bad practice and a good asp .net developer must use exception handler in his application in every required stage. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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ASP.NET Basics That Programmers Should Not Avoid

History of ASP .Net: Microsoft is the biggest brand of IT industry till date. It has an undisputed track record for than two decades, which shows its talent and potential to understand the demand of users and its effort and passion for the rest of the world. When Windows OS get born, the industry was astonished!! Microsoft has always given shocks to the industry with its outstanding products in a mesmerizing manner. ASP .Net is one such piece. It is a framework for its .Net scripting language!! It is extremely popular in the industry with special reference to web industry and web developers. Let us have a quick look over few important fundamental materials that a web developer must learn to be a good ASP .Net developer. development, dot net application development services, expert developersHave a strong grasp on HTML: HTML is the core of any web application. It is the content that render on the web page and visible to the end user. So, a ASP .Net developer must learn HTML in depth. Web page starts with HTML tag “<HTML>” and it follows other tags. There are many tricky tags in HTML which a web developer or ASP dot Net developer must learn before he jumps into this challenging career. Well, the modern HTML5 is a big advantage for the developer if he wants to sustain in the industry with dignity.

Knowledge of backend programming is must: Back end programming is something which is nothing but the core logic of the application. It is usually written in programming languages like C# in case of ASP .Net. So an ASP .Net developer must have a strong knowledge on back end programming. This will determine the efficiency of any application so, it is must.

Validation is an important feature of any web app: In any web application, we find many web forms in different shapes and forms. These forms must be validated properly. For the same the ASP .Net web developer should take the help of JavaScript in frontend and C# in backend. Why both front end and backend? Well, a hacker can hack your application if it is not properly validated. He can put some nonsense data into your database, which will cause crash in latter period. So, a web developer must validate all the web form data both in frontend and back end programming.

Master page is a wonderful concept: Master page is a page which provides a uniform look and feel to any web application. This improves the professional characteristic of any web application. So, it is getting tremendous popularity among the ASP .Net developers in recent period. So, you must learn this to achieve professional web design for your app.

Cache management and Session is needed: Optimization has always its importance in the industry and this can be achieved through proper use of Cache. So, as a web developer, you must learn to implement cache and make your application more efficient than before. Session is a important concept in web development process. It ensures that privacy is maintained properly. So, you must integrate session in your web app. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom development company.

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An Introduction to .Net Core

The .NET Core is an official Microsoft open source project that is easily found on the github. For this platform, there are presently 3 Microsoft repositories – ASP.NET 5, Dot Net Compiler Platform and Dot Net Core Framework. This is a modular implementation that can be used across various verticals. In addition, it is also available as an open source that can be used on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. For those who are looking forward to use this open source project, there are several aspects that should be kept in mind.

Here are some of the features – development company, application development, expert .net developersModular, Agile Platform: Dot Net was never designed to be modular and the portable class libraries are continuously striving to deal with such issues. Mscorlib is the core of the .NET Framework. It also has features that are in sync with the Windows. It refers to the fact that for every new platform, this framework requires a new core. Similarly, on a new platform a new team is required to build and maintain the framework and its versions.

Then there are the portable class libraries that push the platforms closer to each other but the code bases alter. This also creates problems for the compatibility issues as far as different .Net versions on the same platforms are concerned. While adding interface to an existing framework can lead to several problems as the application in question might not receive the right interface. Therefore, overloading the present method can cause issues for a code that was not developed initially to pick the correct process.

In order to deal with such issues, the Dot Net team began shipping certain libraries on NuGet instead of including them as part of the framework. This proved to be a grand success. The design that was shipped was more stable and better as compared to the traditional solutions. There is no way in which the .Net framework can be broken up. Hence, when Native is used to create a Store app for the Windows by compiling the dot Net code, the compiler will amalgamate the framework with the app in question and remove those parts that are not required by the app. But it wasn’t modular enough for being applicable in such situations. The new Dot Net Core, however, is a different framework which has been developed to deal with such issues.

NuGet – A Perfect Delivery Mechanism: As compared to the earlier version of the framework, the .NET Core platform has been designed to deliver in the form of NuGet packages. This mechanism was adopted by Microsoft as it is here that majority of the library ecosystems are found. In order to offer the latest platform as modular it is required to deliver a set of these packages that are finely grained. It also allows Microsoft to deliver the new platform in an agile form. For instance, if an update is provided for a NuGet package, the NuGet references can be upgraded as well.

By utilizing this mechanism, it also helps in removing the differences between expressing 1st and 3rd party dependencies. If you are working with it, there is no need to comprehend the dependency graph. All that you require is to accept the changes that have been made. Such a mechanism for delivery also converts the platform into an app local framework.

It Is Perfect for Enterprises: Agile releases and fast upgrades result from the NuGet packages. One of the greatest advantages of the .NET framework is that it all its components are tested and supported by Microsoft. The new platform also has the same feature. Moreover, although it is part of the package but there is no need for the developers to download it every time they want to use the platform. Microsoft provides an offline installer that helps in distribution. This is included within the Visual Studio as well so that it speeds up the creation of the new projects. It also does not need any internet connectivity for the development process.

Open source, Cross Platform: The main motto behind making it an open source was to provide a cross platform in a sustainable way. With an open source, the community can be build which plays a significant part in making it successful. Therefore the latest model is a transparent development process that enables the community to participate freely in reading the design documents, code reviews and contributing several changes to the product. Since it is an open source, it can be used for cross platform development as well.

This new model provides the developers with choices that the earlier versions lacked. While it becomes increasingly important to develop cross platform apps, the .NET Core can actually help the developers by providing them several opportunities. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom development company.

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Choosing Asp.Net for Developing Your Mobile Site

Why mobile site? Change is the biggest rule of nature and we have to accept it. In every sector there must be a change with the flow of time. In fact, this change creates a positive vibe in our environment. Similarly, in IT sector there is always changes happens to make it more human friendly. Technology depreciates at a rapid pace with time like desktop transformed into mobile computers (smart phones and tablets), desktop applications transformed into modern ERP solutions, Mass storage devices are transformed into virtual cloud etc. Similarly the old fashioned desktop web applications are getting transformed into modern web apps for mobiles which are also known as mobile sites. These mobile sites have a tremendous potential to reach at target audience through a large scale of devices including desktops, tablets and smart phones. web development, .net development services, expert developersASP .Net for mobile site development: Well there are many web application development technologies are available in the market like JSP, PHP, Python, ROR and ASP etc. All of them are best in their respective fields and their purposes. JSP is for huge applications that need both efficiency and speed simultaneously. Similarly, PHP is for low cost web application development. But ASP, the flagship product from Microsoft is having a mix up all the features to develop an enterprise standard mobile application. developers can develop mobile website for any purpose in an efficient and effective manner. The framework is having all the modern amenities that a web developer searches for in an enterprise standard framework.

Modern look n feel: An developer can produce a totally new and user friendly web application which can provide great user experience irrespective of platforms and devices. With mobile development, we can have HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery effects in our mobile website. The web developer can develop responsive web application using framework which can fit to any size of screens and resolution. mobile developer can render modern mobile website contents like light weight graphics, canvas and different multimedia files into the mobile website. This provides an enhanced experience to the user within limited resources.

Same efficiency: Though, developers can develop mobile websites which are not only light weight but also low resource extensive in nature but it never compromises on the quality and reliability of the web application. The framework provides all the necessary features which when being used by the web developers never trigger to compromise the quality of the end product. Moreover, an mobile website developer can take the help of asynchronous web pages to create dynamic web applications and thereby improving the overall user experience. Web developers can implement AJAX technology to develop enterprise standard modern web applications for the industry. This improves both productivity and efficiency of the application.

Microsoft has not left any stone unturned: From above, we can conclude that Microsoft has taken all the necessary steps to develop an industry standard framework i.e. ASP .Net for its customers. ASP .Net has all the features that are required to develop an enterprise standard web solution.

You can rely on Microsoft: Well, any product having a brand value of Microsoft doesn’t require any introduction. We can expect a reliable support service for from Microsoft. Moreover there is a billion size community of which can help you out of any unfavourable situation. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom web development company.

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Tips to Enhance Your Skills in ASP.Net Programming

If you are working with ASP.Net, sky is the limit so far as possibilities are concerned. However, you need to be one of the best in the business, as you are expected to face cut throat competition in the market. Now the question is how to enhance your ASP.Net programming acumen. Frankly speaking, there is no shortcut. It is important to go through a definite process that will take you to the zenith of your skills. There are various ways to do so and it up to you to decide the way that needs to be adopted. Here are a few tips for bettering your programming skills. development company, .net web development, expert .net developersAs per the experts, the most trustworthy way of mastering the programming concept is picking up an interesting project and developing it stage by stage. During the course of development, you come across a lot of issues or problems that practically force you to learn new things, which will only improve your expertise in the long run.

In order to counter these problems the need of the hour is to find out solutions that can be arrived at, only after a handful of painstaking efforts. By doing this, you only force yourself to visit the nook and crannies of the language, which will only help improve the programming skills.

There are a number of developers, who being bogged down by the technical nitty-gritty of ASP.Net get into a dilemma as to whether to continue dealing with the language or to leave and get into another platform. The wisest thing will be to continue dealing with the language. However, the first thing that is needed is asking yourself whether you are actually looking forward to learn something new or not. The psyche of each and every developer is different from the other and you need to be absolutely clear to yourself. If the answer to the question is – yes, it is time to be determined to learn new things that will open up new avenues for improvement and to leave a mark as a noted .Net expert.

In order to improve programming skills, it is important to move to newer techniques like Web API, Win RT, ASP.NET MVC etc. This will place any developer at par with the bests in the market in terms of expertise. Besides, getting to know these avenues will also help learning newer technologies and help compete with the very bests.

Another way of improving ASP.NET skills is straightaway migrating to the newer stacks of development, which is not at a very easy proposition. This will help to learn the method in which the client code and the server code work together in sync with each other, along with a lot of other stuff. However, it also demands a thorough knowledge of JavaScript, which means it helps in getting stronger as a developer from the knowledge point of view, though JavaScript has not evolved much over a considerable period of time. Still, the libraries and the tools it comes up with will be some real brain stormers, which will sharpen the programming intellect.

Do not stop reading. Development is a continuous process that changes at the drop of a hat. Hence, as a programmer it is imperative to continuously read as well as learn things to make sure you do not lag behind.

More so, in case any developer is shifting the area of work from desktop development to web development, there is every chance of the individual getting overwhelmed by the technical details of web development. For example, just a short glance at the acronym jungle that is full of the likes of CSS, MVC, HTML5, can make any developer feel butterfly in the stomach. However, instead of getting bogged down it is essential to sharpen the skill to master them. With a view to do so, the need of the hour is to pull up the socks, instead of getting bogged down. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom development company.

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Should You Go Ahead with ASP.Net MVC for Your Enterprise Project?

ASP.NET MVC is basically an open source web application framework that is designed to implement the MVC or model-view-controller pattern. When it comes to setting up enterprise projects, ASP.NET MVC is an excellent option. Though JavaScript is generally used for setting up simple things, JavaScript is mainly considered as a utility language, whose applications are mainly driven from server-side.

custom .net development company, application development, developersOf late, it has been quite a trend to migrate the web application code to the client side from the server side in order to meet the expectations of the users for responsive as well as fluid UX. This, understandably, has given rise to a lot of skepticism and this is where the framework has scored over the other frameworks. In other words, this particular MVC framework is always a good option for an enterprise project just to counter this phenomenon. Let us look into some of the principles that make it such a good choice.

Firstly, the code base in .NET can easily be managed without any hiccup whatsoever. This is because this helps the developers to take concrete decisions regarding the class boundaries and helps them in pinpointing the places where the classes can actually be placed within the project in question. It does not come up with classes. Naturally, there is no question of getting bogged down with extra responsibilities.

It comes up with repositories that are reusable, and entities or models, queries, as well as data sources. Classes and files can be named with some logics and thoughts, to ensure that they are more consequential as well as meaningful. It also helps in the practice of good and justified use of various patterns of designs, conventions of coding and coding organization.

Also, the model-view-controller normally uses Web Optimization, jQuery, Modernizr, Bootstrap, along with others. However, if they are not needed, it also provides the choice of starting off with any empty project and then adding the MVC scaffolding – a fact that helps a lot in innovations within the framework of development. Besides, the technique also delivers a project that is more nimble in spite of the presence of a number of references that are more or less useless.

Let us look into the advantages of using the ASP.NET MVC framework in an enterprise project from a bird’s eye view.

Separation of Concerns (SoC): This is one of the most striking advantages of using this framework. In fact, it is the core advantage of the framework, wherein it proves a seamless and absolutely clean separation of Business logic, Model/Data, UI.

Increased Control: This particular framework provides much better control over your CSS, JavaScript, or the HTML than what is possible in case of the other traditional or conventional webForms.

Increased Testability: The framework provides much improved testability for the web application along with a much better support when it comes to various test-driven developments as well.

It is lightweight: This particular framework does not use View State. This helps it to successfully reduce the bandwidths of the requests to a considerable extent.

Most importantly, one of the basic privileges of using this MVC is that the framework is entirely built as well as based on ASP.Net Framework. Therefore, a majority of its features can be used – a fact that makes the framework so much adored when it comes to developing enterprise projects.

Besides, it is also based on a MVC design pattern that is proven as well as time tested. Also, with the introduction of SIlverlight, it is now possible to perform client caching. With the integration of Silverlight, the applications can load much faster and a few of the processing can even be performed within the web browsers. Client side execution along with the server side application is faster as well, and integration of jQuery with this MVC makes it better as well as easier for the developers to write code that are meant to run or execute in the browser, thereby taking the load away from the server by a considerable extent. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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