The Benefits of Using Asp.Net for E-commerce

e-Commerce is the next generation enterprise: In past couple of years we have seen a sudden growth of e-commerce websites in the industry. Particularly in developing countries like India and China this trend has been spreading like a wild fire. Very small e-commerce platforms have been converted into multibillion turn over farm in a very less span of time mostly within three to five years. Experts have already predicted even bigger and brighter future ahead for these e-commerce applications. This is possible because of the door step service of quality materials at a very affordable price to the customer. The elimination of all mediators from the supply chain management, these e-commerce portals are able to provide quality products and services directly from manufacturer to the end user at an affordable price. Considering its future potential, e-commerce web applications are treated as next generation mega mart for the industry.

Hire developer, development services, development IndiaASP .Net can build above all industry standard e-commerce application: When we are considering e-commerce applications, the first thing that strikes to our mind is none other than web development process. Though we can develop web applications in any language like PHP, JSP, ROR or Python etc, but ASP .Net has its unique presence in the industry in developing enterprise standard web applications in a much professional manner. ASP .net is a web framework having all the necessary and additional features to develop industry standard e-commerce portal. As a proficient ASP .Net developer, you must ensure high quality of user experience along with performance of your application to survive in the competitive IT industry. You must adopt all futuristic features so that you can end up with a beautiful output.

ASP .Net provides higher security for all your financial transactions over internet: An e-commerce website can’t be competed unless and until we integrate a third party payment get way to our application. Through these payment get ways, our customers can make online financial transactions with their banks or credit cards to purchase different items for our portal. Hence it becomes even more responsibility for us to provide better security for our customers so that all the financial information can be remain private through industry standard security measures. As a proficient ASP .Net developer, you must integrate 128 bit encryption technology for better security of our users. You can also adopt multi tier security features to avoid any type of loop holes.

ASP .Net developer can design your e-app for better user experience: Now a days, the popularity of smart phones and tablets are going up at an exponential rate. Users love to browse e-commerce apps from these devices for better user experience. Moreover these apps are also enables the user to use them at anytime from anywhere using mobile internets like 2G and 3G services. Fortunately an ASP .Net developer can design enterprise standard smart phone apps for your e-commerce portal without much hassle. You can also offer responsive e-commerce apps to fit into different devices and hence providing optimum user experience. If you are planning to hire developer, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently agile or not!

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The Basics of Developing a Mobile Site in Asp.Net

21st century is highly influenced by mobile devices: Mobile devices were introduced with an aim to connect with each other through mobile calls and SMS before few decades. With time, the functionality and look and shape of mobile devices have been changed in a magical way. Now this devices are not just performs calling or sending sms but they are having a wide range of utility functions within these devices. Mobile phones are now transformed into smart phones because they are much smarter than before. Now these devices can be used for browsing internet, playing multimedia files, capturing wonderful moments of our life and playing graphics intensive games etc. As a result they have received a tremendous popularity from the users throughout the globe. The numbers of smart phones in the industry are growing in a much faster pace and beyond our expectations. Considering its popularity and global presence we can say 21st century is dominated by smart phones.

Hire developer, development services, development IndiaASP .Net for mobile website design: Due to high population of mobile devices including smart phones, web developers are now trying to reach at every user through their website i.e., mobile friendly. This means in order to reach at more number of users the industry must have to adopt mobile web app development methodologies in 21st century. Well Microsoft’s flagship product i.e., asp .net, a web framework is also well equipped with various features and facilities to make the development process transform from ordinary websites to mobile web applications. It provides extensive and adequate supports to the .net developers in building responsive web applications for different screen sizes and mobile devices.

Responsive web design and fluidic design through ASP .Net platform: Though fluidic web design and responsive web design creates confusion among the web developers many times, but there is a thin separation line between them. Fluidic design refers to developing mobile websites with the help of percentage layouts i.e., it displays different components of website according to the screen size of the device. It allows the developer to fix the component’s size and shape as a reference of some percentage value of screen size of the device. On the other hand the latest asp .net developers can develop modern mobile websites in a responsive manner that takes the maximum help of different sensors of the device along with screen size to make the website look much more beautiful and professional than before. It allows the asp .net developers in checking the rotation of the device and accordingly changing the contents of the website to provide better user experience.

Take the help of modern web libraries for better output: Now developers can also take the help of modern and smart web libraries like JQuery, Twitter bootstrap and other plugins that can help them in developing enterprise standard responsive web applications. They can also adopt HTML5 and CSS3 in developing file attractive and interactive web applications for mobile devices. What is more? Web developers can also integrate futuristic features like cloud storage in order to provide enhanced user experience and improved performance for their web applications. If you are planning to hire developer, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently agile or not!

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Comparing and Differentiating Asp and Asp.Net

In December 1996, Active Server Pages (ASP) was released by Microsoft as a server-side scripting engine for building dynamic and interactive web pages. In January 2002, Microsoft released version 1.0 of ASP.NET, along with .NET framework 1.0. Despite being promoted as the successor to ASP, ASP.NET was designed by Microsoft as an advanced server-side web application development framework for creating websites, internet applications, and web services. Further, Microsoft has been updating ASP.NET at regular intervals to make it complement the latest trends in web development. So there are several advanced features and functionalities that make ASP.NET completely different from, and far superior than classis ASP.

Major Differences between Classic ASP and ASP.NET

.net application development, hire .net developers india, application development, hire dot net programmers, net development, hire devs, custom .net development company, hire dot net developers, expert .net developers, development companyPlatform Support: Microsoft introduced ASP on its own server, i.e., Internet Information Server (IIS). So the server side scripting technology was available only for Windows platform. ASP.NET was also released initially as part of the .NET Framework. So the web application development framework was running on platforms that support the .NET framework. But in 2014, Microsoft made ASP.NET available for Linux and Mac OS X, in addition to Windows. The web programmers can use the latest version of ASP.NET as a cross-platform and open source web development framework.

Language Supports: While using ASP, the programmers have option to write code in any of the two interpreted language, i.e., JScript or VBScript, The VBScript was the default scripting language for ASP, whereas JScript was the Microsoft’s version of JavaScript. On the other hand, the ASP.NET programmers have option to choose from a wide range of programming languages supported by the .NET framework, including C#, J#, and VB.NET.

Process Isolation: The ASP applications run under the inetinfo.exe process space of IIS. Thus, their performance will be impacted when IIS is restarted or stopped. On the other hand, ASP.NET uses a different worker process, i.e., aspnet_wp.exe, which is completely distinct from inetinfo.exe. Therefore, the process isolation keeps the performance of ASP.NET independent of other IIS working processes.

Server Based Controls: Unlike ASP, ASP.NET comes with a variety of server based components and controls. These server based components make it easier for web programmers to accomplish event driven processing at the server, and avoid writing lengthy code. For instance, ASP.NET developers have option to choose from three types of button controls, i.e., buttons, link buttons and image buttons. Likewise, they can also use basic ASP.NET controls like text, label, checkbox, radio button, and several types of list controls.

Used Technologies: ASP and ASP.NET also vary from each other due to technologies used by them. For instance, ASP.NET is designed with built-in support for XML, whereas ASP does not support XML by default. Likewise, ASP.NET uses ADO.NET to work with databases, but ASP used ADO for similar purposes. Also, ASP pages can have HTML and coding logic mixed. But ASP.NET uses code-behind files to keep the HTML and coding parts separate. The code-behind files further help programmers in hiding both code and sensitive information from end users.

Debugging Options: The interpreted model of classic ASP makes debugging both restricted and difficult. But ASP.NET is designed with advanced debugging features. The ASP.NET programmers also have option to use several debugging tools. As the page errors are generated as compiled errors, they can be easily identified at the time of compilation and much before the runtime. As both C# and VB.NET are strongly typed programming languages, it also becomes easier for developers to debug their code.

Quality and Performance of Code: As noted earlier, in ASP, the code is executed through an interpreter like VBScript or JScript. So each time an ASP page is requested, its text has to be processed linearly. Further, the programmers have to write lengthy blocks of server side code to replace the static HTML elements. But the ASP.NET pages can be easily compiled into .NET classes. The .NET classes, which are housed within assemblies, also include both static HTML and server-side script. So the ASP.NET page is compiled when it is being accesses for the first time. The pages will be rendered on subsequent requests through compiled code execution. So the speed and performance of ASP.NET pages is much better than that of ASP pages.

In late 2014, Microsoft completely revamped ASP.NET. In addition to making it open source, Microsoft also made ASP.NET available for non-Windows platforms like Linux and Mac OS X. ASP.NET 5 comes with a set of innovative features including a cross-platform runtime, cloud-ready environment configuration, and a modular HTTP request pipeline. ASP.NET 5 further includes a unified framework called MVC6 that includes Web Pages, MVC and Web API. If you are planning to hire asp .net development companies, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently agile or not!

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The Demand of Asp.Net Is on an Upward Trend – Reasons

Since its initial release in 2002, ASP.NET has been updated by Microsoft at regular intervals. But Microsoft completely revamped the web framework in late 2014. In addition to making it open source, Microsoft further made it available for Mac OS X and Linux. The version 5 of ASP.NET also comes with several new features and enhancements to effectuate development of websites, mobile sites, internet applications, web services and web API. The new features also make ASP.NET one of the most demanded web frameworks in 2015.

Features that Make ASP.NET 5 One of the Most Demanded Web Frameworks

The demand of ASP.Net is on an upward trend - ReasonsThree Runtimes: The developers have option to run ASP.NET 5 on three different runtimes, i.e., full .NET CLR, Core CLR, and Cross-Platform CLR. As the default runtime for Visual Studio projects, the full .NET CLR allows developers to use the entire API set, and maintain backward compatibility. As a cloud-optimized runtime, Core CLR enables programmers to build applications by including only the required features. The Cross-Platform CLR is the runtime for non-Windows platforms like Linux and Mac OS X. It enables developers to run ASP.NET applications on Mac and Linux devices.

A Unified Programming Framework: ASP.NET 5 comes with a unified programming model called MVC 6. The unified programming model makes it easier for developers to implement Web Pages, MVC and Web API together. The developers can now use MVC 6 to create application without reconciling three different programming frameworks. The unified programming framework further significantly reduces the duplication and inconsistencies.

Cloud Ready: While creating an ASP.NET 5 project, the developers have option to configure it to deploy to the cloud. Instead of using the web.config file, they can use the new environment configuration system provide by Visual Studio. The new environment configuration system can read values from XML, JSON, and environmental variables. So after deployment, the application can correctly read the value specified for each environment. The programmers can further use the diagnostic and tracing tools to identify and fix the issues associated with deploying an application in the cloud.

Host Agnostic: ASP.NET 5 comes with a new modular HTTP request pipeline that makes it host agnostic. The pipeline is optimized to effectuate deployment of the application on multiple platforms including Internet Information Services (IIS), Kestrel server, Open Web Interface for .Net (OWIN) based server, and self-hosted in a custom process. The ASP.NET 5 applications, however, do not talk directly to the web server. As feature interfaces like IApplicationBuilder are used to accomplish the host agnosticism, the applications can switch seamlessly from one host to another.

Dynamic Compilation: Visual Studio 2015 used Roslyn compiler to allow developers to take advantage of dynamic compilation. The feature enables programmers to see the impact of changes made to the code without rebuilding the project. They can simply modify the code, save the changes, and refresh the web browser to see code changes. In addition to using code editors, the developers can also switch from the interface to writing command line scripts and vice versa. The dynamic compilation feature further makes code writers more efficient and productive.

Supports Popular Web Development Tools: Visual Studio 2015 supports several widely used open source web development tools like Gulp, Grunt and Bower. These tools make it easier for developers to create ASP.NET 5 applications more quickly. For instance, Bower can be used as a package manager for CSS and JavaScript libraries. It allows users to add a JavaScript library directly to the ASP.NET project. On the other hand, Gulp and Grunt can be used a task runners to effectuate work flow automation.

No Need to Modify Existing Applications: Despite revamping ASP.NET completely, Microsoft does not require organizations to rewrite their existing applications. ASP.NET 5 does not require users to port or update their legacy applications. The new .NET framework fully supports the applications developed using Web Pages 3, Web Forms, MVC 5, SignalR 2 or Web API 2. However, the organizations can update their application to take advantages of the new features of ASP.NET 5.

Microsoft has made ASP.NET accessible to small and local businesses by making it open source. As a free web framework, ASP.NET 5 helps businesses in reducing project overheads. At the same time, its features help developers in curtailing the amount of time and efforts required for building modern applications. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a development company.

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ASP.Net and Reasons for Its Acceptance Worldwide

ASP .Net – A true web framework from Microsoft: If we say Microsoft is the father of IT industry, it will not be an over statement at all. It had changed the face of IT industry with its flagship product i.e. Windows operating system. Windows operating system is the first graphical operating system and hence treated as a revolution in the IT industry. So there is always a tremendous respect and popularity of Microsoft in the industry. Anyway, now industry is flooded with different attractive and futuristic operating systems like iOS, Android and MAC etc.; still Microsoft has its strong presence in the industry with other products. The most important product of today’s time is its web framework i.e. ASP .Net. It is an efficient and effective web framework of the industry to develop ASP applications that are not only optimized but also of higher performance.

ASP.Net and reasons for its acceptance worldwideWeb developers get adequate scope from ASP .Net for enterprise standard web solutions: As a framework, ASP .Net provides enough scope for the web developers in building quick web applications without compromising on the quality of the application. There are many inbuilt functions, classes and modules that can be integrated with the web application to make it more efficient and fast. Moreover, it also provides enough security features like 128 bit encryption technology and sqlinjection etc. What is more? An ASP .Net web developer can take the help of various third party software tools or plugins for developing interactive web applications with less effort and more accuracy. Moreover, these plugins can save your valuable time if they are tested and trusted by the industry.

ASP .Net is future ready: ASP .Net provides support for all futuristic technologies and tools. The most important thing is the responsive web design that is in huge buzz. For responsive web design, a web developer or .Net developer must learn to integrate HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery etc. Fortunately, ASP .Net provides support to integrate these scripts into the asp application to make it responsive. Moreover, these technologies have the potential in developing interactive and dynamic web applications that can be extremely useful for smart phones and tablets; because it can improve the user experience in a magical way with these technologies.

.Net developers can develop cross platform web applications: Yes, now the latest ASP .Net platform provides simulators for various smart operating systems like android and windows8.1. So, you need not to be an iOS developer or android developer for building enterprise standard web applications for different platforms. You can simply start your development from within the platform and see the result inside the integrated simulator and accordingly you can modify your code. This is extremely helpful since you can see the look and feel of your web application in different platforms and screen size. It will lead to cross platform web application development which is the demand for the future.

Be relaxed without any fear for support: Hey, you are under the hood of Microsoft; so no need to bother for the support. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a application development company.

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ASP to ASP.Net Migration Issues

Why we need migration? In technical world, migration means modification or improvement. So we take it in a positive way because it is always beneficial for the user as well as industry. In web industry there is always modifications and enhancements happens to meet the expectations of the industry. Tech experts strongly believe upon the migration process to give a new and improved look and feel to any application. Before a decade most of the web applications were developed in ASP. Those applications were not built on ASP .Net framework and hence they lack severely in terms of modern features, look and feel and efficiency. To avoid all these short comings, we should take a step ahead for migration process.

custom .net development company, .net application development, hire developersASP to ASP .Net migration benefits: We have seen many ASP applications being transformed into ASP .Net framework to give modern look and feel to the website. Using ASP .Net framework an ASP .Net developer can take the advantage of the framework in optimising the website to a large extent along with performance boosting. Moreover it will give adequate room to the web developer in developing quick web applications i.e., not only efficient but also effective. It can change the user experience of the entire website with modern and futuristic features like interactive graphics, dynamic web contents and responsive web design etc. Though, it has many benefits as stated above, but it also having some draw backs from the developer’s point of view.

Code compatibility issues: This is the most tedious issue found in any migration process. During the migration from ASP to ASP .Net, the ASP developer will find many blocks of codes creating problems in the application. This is very common because when we migrate to a new platform, we must have to give some extra effort to make it fit into the new environment.

Plugin issue: Well when we migrate from ASP to ASP .Net we have to forget about those old plugins that were integrated to the ASP application. We should find a there up dated versions for the asp .net platform so that we can make our things work perfectly find. If an asp .net developer could not imagine this issue from the very beginning of the migration process then i would say his doing the most foolish job in the industry. So be prepared to deal with those incompatibility issues for the plugins of the application.

You may have to write some extra codes: During the migration process, an asp .net developer must mentally prepared to write some extra codes so as to make the application run smoothly on the new platform without any bugs and unexpected out puts. Most importantly the web developer may have to write the code on behalf of any incompatible plugin of the web application. Sometimes we may have to replace a plugin entirely from the application with our own code.

You may take chance through migration software, but you can’t rely on the same: There is much migration software available for asp to migration process. We can use any of them but we can’t rely on them because they may decrease our effort to a large extend but can’t eliminate it anyway. So it will be a foolish decision if we think of relying on those softwares. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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ASP.Net and It is Importance in The Coming Years

Microsoft- still the king of IT industry: Before three decades, it was Microsoft who dared to introduce an uncertain operating system in the industry i.e., windows; but it received a tremendous and stupendous response from the users from around the globe. Since then the industry respects Microsoft for its daring venture through windows operating system. On the other hand, Microsoft is also trying its best to give maximum care and service to the IT industry through different updates and upgrades of the operating system as well as many other products. It has been dominating the industry since its inception with its unmatched quality and reliability. Hence it is treated as the king of the IT industry even after decades. application development, dot net application development services, hire developersASP .Net a flagship product from Microsoft for better web development: In past century we have seen an overnight growth of web industry in a magical way. To cope with the situation, there are a lot of web domain specific technologies born in past few years like PHP, JSP, Python and ASP etc. ASP .net is a .net framework for asp developers. It is the flagship product from Microsoft to serve the web industry with more accuracy and efficiency to meet the expectations of the industry. Fortunately it performs outstanding for which it is aimed for.

It is highly inflammable now with advanced features: The latest ASP .net framework helps the ASP developers in building enterprise standard web solutions in less time and more efficiency. It is equipped with all modern features that enable the ASP .Net web developer in building futuristic web applications on the fly. The best part is its dual nature i.e. it can be used in developing large web applications like financial web solutions as well as small but efficient web apps for smart computer devices like smart phones and tablets.

You can develop modern web apps using ASP .Net: Well, we cannot ignore the importance of smart operating system in the industry like Android, iOS and windows 8.1. Recently, they have spread like virus. So, how can Microsoft spare them? The ASP .Net framework is well equipped with all modern features to enable you in developing quick web solutions for these platforms. It is providing simulators to test the look and feel of your web application in different platforms like windows 8.1 and android etc. It will definitely encourage ASP .Net developers to put their hands over the web apps for these platforms. Moreover, you can also develop native apps under ASP .Net hood. This makes it a perfect choice for highly motivated web developers of the industry.

It is reliable too: Well, anything related to Microsoft is itself fortunate; isn’t? So, if ASP .Net is an ambitious product from Microsoft, you can imagine an unexpected reliability from it. There are lots of super brains working behind for you to overcome any issue while dealing with complicated application development. Moreover, there are a lots of support communities available 24×7 on the web to help you out from any unfavourable situation within no time. So, you can rely on the service and support of Microsoft without any second thought. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a application development company.

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