Asp.Net Best Practices for Novice Developers

Why ASP .Net? A web developer understands the importance of a framework. Framework is something that helps in quick development process without compromising on quality of the end product. In fact, frameworks provide enough scope for the developer to take the advantage of modern features and industry standard security features in their application. Well ASP .Net is a web framework from Microsoft for .net developers. We all know the quality that Microsoft provides to the industry through its various outstanding products from its inception. ASP .Net is yet another wing to Microsoft’s success list. It provides adequate scope to ASP .Net developer in developing enterprising standard web applications in less time and effort. Today we will discuss few must know best practices of ASP .Net that can help any web developer in developing brilliant web application. developers, outsource ASP.Net DevelopmentNaming convention is the first thing to consider: The best practices list starts with naming convention. This is the most important and basic thing that a developer must adopt. It makes him developing professional codes on ASP .Net platform. An ASP .Net developer must use an uniform naming convention for different components of a web programme like data type, class name, variable name, method name etc. He must prepare a document for the same so that he can follow it throughout the development process. Moreover when a new developer is projected to the development process, he can write the same professional codes on the IDE. It will definitely help in preparing well readable and maintainable code.

Proper Validation check: After naming convention, validation comes to the list. While an ASP .Net developer dealing with a web development project he usually finds many forms and fields in the application. These fields should be properly validated by the developer so that we can enter only correct data to the data base from the user interface. For example if there is a field for mobile number then we must check for only numeric value in the field. Along with that we should also check the number of numeric data entered into the field. Moreover we should also validate the field in backend programming. This is because to avoid any unethical access from hackers who can disable java script on the frontend.

Use of cache for performance: An ASP .Net developer should be aware of cache management. Cache memory is something that keeps some important user data like session value and few other important data so that the user can be given an improved user experience. On the other hand it also helps in avoiding unnecessary communication with the server making the application optimised.

Top level Security standards to be adopted: Security matters a lot in today’s life. We must ensure that our user is under a secure environment and his data can’t be accessed by anyone else. For the same ASP .Net developers can use 128 bit encryption technology for secure database connection. Moreover they can also implement multi tier security measures in the application for better security.

Adopt master page concept for professional look n feel: This is a new generation concept and we should adopt it. Through master page, a web application can get a uniform and professional look throughout the pages i.e., all the pages look similar and professional to the end user.

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Enterprise Asp.Net – Things to Know about It

Enterprise ASP .Net is always Enterprise class: The Asp .net framework is the one of the most successful product from Microsoft that was born in early 21st century. It was aimed to compete with all time industry leader java JSP to help the industry to come out from the java eco-system. Fortunately it succeeds in most of the targets. The industry come out from the capture of JSP and saw a brighter future ahead under the ASP .Net hood. Since it is highly inspired from JSP, we can expect a tremendous potential within this technology to serve the industry in a better way than before. Microsoft knows how to deal with the demands of the industry. With the enterprise ASP .Net framework, it proved the same again. It has not left any stone unturned during the development process of enterprise edition ASP .Net. It is power packed with all useful and modern amenities for the ASP .Net developers in building enterprise standard web applications in a very less span of time. Well though it helps the web developers in developing quick web applications, that doesn’t mean it compromise on quality rather it always gives maximum priority to the quality of the application from its inception.

.net web development, application development, hire developersASP .Net can serve you better for all your web assessments: ASP .Net can help you in developing modern and futuristic web applications on the fly. You can get all types of modern amenities for your application if you choose the enterprise standard ASP .Net framework for your development process. It enables the ASP .Net developer in efficient and effective web development process. It can handle all types of critical and complicated situations for your applications in an easier manner. There is no problem that can’t be fixed by an efficient ASP .Net developer if it is technically feasible. This indicates the potential of ASP .Net over other technologies.

You can get more from less: Due to the high impact efficiency from ASP .Net, all types of modern amenities can be achieved on the platform with ease. Features like responsive web design, cloud technology and light weight web app development etc can be achieved through ASP .Net framework. Moreover an ASP .Net developer can handle any type of platform like Android, IOS or Windows in an efficient manner for its web application. We can provide the same beauty to our user from our web application with the implementation of responsive web design technology during the development process. Modern technologies like JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 etc can be integrated into our ASP .Net application without any hassle. This keeps it not only up-to-date but also efficient and energetic in the industry.

Microsoft means Reliability: Undoubtedly you will get the Microsoft standard quality service and support from Microsoft. This can’t be compared with anyone else in the industry when it comes about the support standard from Microsoft. There is an expert team of ASP .Net working beneath the roof to help you anytime during the development process that too instantly without any hassle. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net web development company.

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Few Tips for Secure Development in .Net

While dealing with development of any application it is the responsibility of the software developer to keep the security features at the top level in order to get success for the application or product. It becomes even more essential when we deal with web applications like ASP web development projects; because there is a threat of unethical access of your website which may lead to lose the reputation of your application. To avoid this, as a web developer (ASP .net developer), you must take some necessary security measures to avoid all types of threads related to security.

hire developers, custom .net development company, application development, hire dot net devs, expert dot net developers, development india, .net development, hire dot net programmers, .net developer india, hire devsSQL injection: This is the most common way of hackers to take the access of your database. They use to try to fetch the data from your database using various SQL queries. They usually insert these vulnerable queries into the database through different commands from the browser itself and try to get sensitive data of your application or of your user’s from the database. Though asp .net provides many security features to prevent SQL injection but it’s better to learn what SQL injection is and how it works; before you start programming your application.

Cross Site Scripting: This is yet another way of hacking your website using java script. A hacker can hack you user’s data using this technology. Moreover he can get all your cookies values from your browsers which will enable him to login using your credentials that he had hacked from your cookie and can perform any type of unethical work on behalf of you. You must take care of this issue very seriously because this is a sensitive topic from the developer’s point of view.

Proper Cookie implementation: While you are dealing with modern era web application development, as a asp .net developer you must ensure that you are using the users cookie in a very efficient and sensitive manner; because if these cookie value will be accessed by a hacker then that will definitely create a trouble for your users and hence it will impart a bad user experience for your user. So be careful while dealing with cookie in your application.

Use Session: It is a common development feature that every asp .net developer should take care of. Session is something that enables the user of your application to be in contact with your application through a continuous support from the database. It also enables him to feel like a privileged member of your application. It also isolates your user from others with session in the browser. The best part is it enables the user to access only his private data and hence it keeps other’s data invisible for him.

Server side validation: This is yet another way to prevent unnecessary unethical access of your application. A good ASP .Net web developer must validate all the form data in both front end as well as backend programming. This is because, if someone disables JavaScript on the browser, he can enter any value in the form to your database. So, to avoid this you must ensure your application to be quite secure with two tire security from both frontend and backend. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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Why Use DotNet for Web Developers?

Microsoft .Net framework is being used by businesses across the world for developing mission critical and enterprise applications. Microsoft further frequently updates the platform to facilitate rapid web development. The programmers can rely on .Net framework to create a wide variety of websites, internet application and web services within a shorter span of time. At the same time, they also have option to write code in any of the languages supported by the framework. There are also a number of factors that make .Net one of the most reliable rapid web development frameworks.

Why.Net is the One of the Most Reliable Frameworks for Web Development?

custom .net development company, dot net application development services, hire dot net developersSimpler Development: The .Net framework comes with loads of features to simplify the development of websites, web applications and web services. It further simplifies the debugging process by supporting the Runtime diagnostics. The programmers also have option to keep the business logic and presentation separate. The application logic indicates the actual code, whereas the presentation logic represents the design code. So it becomes easier for them to maintain and modify all controls.

Benefits of ASP.Net: .Net framework further allows developers to use ASP.Net for creating websites, web applications and web services. The rapid web development framework simplifies web development by enabling developers to use user controls and custom controls. As .Net framework is object-oriented, the developers can create custom controls simply by deriving base classes from System.Web.UI.Page. The developers can use ASP.Net to create dynamic web pages without writing longer lines of code.

Compatible with Multiple Programming Languages: Each programmer wants to write web applications in his favorite language to reduce the coding time and effort. Unlike other software frameworks, Microsoft .Net is language-independent. It allows developers to write code in a variety of programming languages including C# and VB.Net. Also, the .NET class library extends the compatibility and functionality of these .Net languages. So the web developers have option to accomplish complex tasks by writing code in a programming language they are familiar with.

Ease of Deployment and Maintenance: To deliver riche user experience, enterprise web applications must be updated at frequent intervals. Further, the businesses have to ensure that the applications are deployed and maintained properly. The .Net framework simplifies the development, deployment and maintenance of websites through components. The developers can simply load the components required by the application to complete the deployment and maintenance. Before launching the web application, .Net verifies if all its aspects are loaded properly.

Comprehensive Security: The software framework further comes with several inbuilt features to optimize the security of websites and internet applications. .Net further allows programmers to specify different security levels through HTTP, XML, SOAP and TCP/IP. The framework further works seamlessly with a wide range of network security devices. So the business can use the right network security devices to increase the security of distributed computing. The security of the applications can be further increase through Windows configuration and confirmation.

Facilitates Rapid Web Development: Many enterprises even use Microsoft .Net as a powerful web development framework. The programmers also have option to use ASP.Net to create complex and large applications rapidly. They can further use Visual Studio.Net to create internet applications and web services without writing lengthy code. The WYSIWYG editor enables developers to create websites simply by selecting and dragging controls. Further, the programmers have option to write code in any language compatible with common language runtime (CLR). So the software framework helps developers to creating a wide variety of websites and internet applications within a shorter span of time.

Microsoft updates the .Net framework platform at regular intervals to optimize its web development capacity. So the developers can use the most recent version of the framework to curtail the overall time and efforts required for creating large and complex internet applications. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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What to Consider while Hiring a Remote ASP dotNet Developer?

Nowadays, many companies hire remote ASP.NET developers to curtail project overheads. In addition to reducing the overall project cost, the remove programmers further make it easier for enterprises to increase or decrease the size of the remote team. An organization also has option to hire a remote ASP.NET programmer either on a fulltime or part-time basis. You can use any online search engine to gather information about dedicated programmers for your ASP.NET project. However, you must consider some simple points to distinguish between the good hires and bad hires.

Points to Consider while Hiring a Remote ASP.Net Programmer

Major Outsourcing Principles

What to consider while hiring a remote ASPNet developerAs noted earlier, you can reap several benefits by hiring a remote ASP.NET developer. However, it is also important to understand the major principles to effectuate his selection. You must hire a remote programmer who can complete the project within a stipulated and predefines timeframe, while delivering high product quality and curtailing the overall project cost. Once you define your objectives, it will be easier for you to interview the remote web programmers.

Shortlist the ASP.NET Programmers

You have to put both time and efforts to hire the right web developer. Like other companies, you can even consider availing the assistance of an IT out-staffing company to interview some of the best ASP.NET developers. However, it is important to hire a programmer who has the skills, expertise and tools required specifically by your project. You can always shortlist the remote programmers by evaluating the projects developed by them in past.

Clearly Define the Project Goals

You must remember that developers residing in certain countries do not speak English. So you have to communicate with them by overcoming the language barrier. So you must explain the features and goals of your projects to the remote developer in a clear and unambiguous way. As a specific feature can be implemented in a number of ways, the programmer has to implement it by keeping in mind the ultimate objective it serves. You can effectively evaluate the skills of the remote ASP.NET developer by explain the goals and features of the project clearly.

Assess the Skills and Experience Relevant for Your Project

While comparing the portfolios and CVs of different remote programmers, you will find many developers who created a variety of ASP.NET applications. So you must concentrate on the skills and experience of the programmers that are relevant for your project. For instance, if you are planning to build a financial application, it is important to check if the ASP.NET developer has developed similar apps. It is also a good idea to ask the developers to pass a test that includes important questions related to your project.

Know the ASP.NET Application Development Process

Each ASP.NET developer has option to choose from several programming languages, frameworks and tools. So you need to understand the programmer’s choice of programming language and development tools. You can even ask him to explain why he chooses the language or tools for your project. There are always chances that difference of opinion may arise in future on these options. So it is a good idea to make the programmer explain the options that will help him in completing your project on time and budget.

Evaluate Communication Options

Along with knowing the skills, experience and strong points of the remote programmer, you also need to decide how to stay connected with him. You can interact with him continuously during the initiate stages to build a professional relationship. Also, you have to explain him how to coordinate and cooperate with your in-house team. The constant and uninterrupted communication is essential to monitor the progress of your ASP.NET project. It is also a good idea to schedule regular video calls to facilitate communication between your in-house and remote web developers.

You can always consider hiring a fulltime ASP.NET programmer to avail his assistance for several projects. The remote ASP.NET developer can be further retained for your future web development projects. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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Mobile App Development with ASP dotNet – How to Build?

Mobile devices are getting increasingly popular and this is reason enough for the developers to target various types of mobiles as they continue developing newer and more advanced websites. While developing sites that are meant for phones, they face a string of challenges because of the complexity of the device detection process, the size of the screen along with the associated browser support. It is here where ASP.NET comes into play. The framework makes the life of the developers much easier, eliminating the challenges and providing some easier ways of site development and the same for cell phone based applications.

Mobile App Development with ASPMechanism of developing cellular phone applications with the help of ASP.NET is quite similar to the development of ASP.NET. In fact, it is much easier for the developers to develop these phone apps with ASP.NET than with anything else. This is mainly because of the fact that virtually each and every mobile site page is derived or inherited from Mobile Page class, which exists in System.Web.UI.MobileControls namespace.

When it comes to developing .NET pages for browsers of the cellular phones, the process does not differ too much from developing pages for the desktop browsers. However, for creating applications for phones, the ASP framework provides a System.Web.Mobile namespace that is exclusively devoted to mobility app development.

Developers are able to create sites from the base class of the MobilePage, add different controls as well as functionality, from the Web Mobile namespace. This particular namespace is scripted to define a suite for the adapters as well as controls of the server that are particularly handy for creating various applications required for various types of iPhones, smart phones. The Web Mobile namespace is categorically designed to develop apps for phones. A mobility page can be created from MobilePage class while the server controls can be created from Web Mobile namespace. Server controls of Mobile web server come up with quite a few specialized adapters in .NET framework. Hence, they are specially equipped to develop various cellular phone based applications, capable of targeting a variety of smart phones.

.NET framework also comes up with a specific control-adaptive architecture that provides the developers a unique option of creating customer device adapters for controls of .NET server. The adapters are equipped to create various customized rendering for a particular control or a set of controls that are based on the browser in question. Thanks to this adaptive architecture, it is possible for the developers to develop custom adapters for server controls of .NET for rendering output that are specific to devices designed to access applications on the desktop browsers along with those for mobile devices.

Whether it is for development of desktop browsers or for mobile devices, the process of development follows the customary .NET model that is basically event-driven and is equipped to respond to the requests of the users, button clicks and the likes.

Though the .NET technology integrates various parameters for development of mobile based web applications by following the more or less same model or pattern of traditional web based apps development, the first and foremost objective of the architecture is denying the creation of single pages that can be compatible with both desktop as well as mobile devices.

The majority of the server controls that are based on .NET framework comes up with typical unified adapter architecture. This implies that all the controls are able to behave in a different way, depending upon the requesting device, through the process of calling a particular custom adapter, which provides various actions or behaviors that are appropriate for that particular device. Now if the adapter in question is configured in the definition file of the browser in question, ASP will call the adapter at each stage of the web server control life-cycle. Then the adapter is able to adjust the rendered output in accordance to the requirement.

Thus, when it comes to development of apps for phones, ASP.NET comes in handy as it simplifies the process and makes it much quicker as well as user-friendly. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .NET development company.

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Advantages Of ASP Dot NET Application Development For Users

Active Server Pages.NET or ASP. NET can be defined as a web application framework that is developed by Microsoft with a view to allow programmers to develop dynamic web pages along with web based services.

.net application development, .net development services, certified .net developersThe uniqueness of the language is that it uses a typical ‘visited composites rendering’ technique. At the time of compilation, the language collates the template or the .aspx file into an initialization code that then builds a composite structure, that is commonly referred to as the control tree. Ideally, this control tree represents the primary template.

Let us now discuss what advantages does .net application development bring for its users.

Technically speaking, the application can be described as a web app framework for building dynamic webpages, web based as well as desktop applications. Development applications of ASP.NET help the end users along with the programmers in a number of ways.

Faster application

It is made faster by the caching and compiled codes. In ASP.NET, the code is compiled into a machine language before any user actually visits the web page. Caching code stores all the information that can be used later on for faster access. The framework allows data caching from a particular database in such a way that the site becomes faster even after the database is visited frequently and a number of times.

Memory Leak and Crash Shielding

In order to make sure that a website does not send any error message to its visitors and is readily available whenever they would need to go through the site, ASP.NET has a mechanism that helps it to automatically recover from errors or memory leaks.

Support to Multiple Language

With the use of this framework, developers are able to write codes in over 25 .NET languages like C#, Jscript. NET, VB.NET and the likes. This naturally provides the users a greater ease and comfort while using the language.

Apart from these relatively major advantages, ASP.NET provides the following advantages to the end users as well as the developers.

  • The application as well as their settings in this framework are safe as well as secure with the built-in windows based authentication.
  • It provides the most simple as well as easy way of performing common tasks that may range from submission of simple forms to deployment and configuration of client authentication.
  • It helps by providing higher performance with the use of just-in-time compilation, early binding, native optimization, along with some out of the box caching services.
  • It helps the user to continuously monitor the pages, as well as the applications that are running on the server. The moment it picks up any illegal activity like memory leaks or presence of infinite loops and the likes, it immediately shuts down and restarts, thus negating their effects.
  • ASP.NET carefully and thoroughly controls and manages all the processes simultaneously so that even if a process dies down, immediately a new process can be started off replacing the dead process. This helps the application to keep running unabatedly. This is particularly handy when it comes to handling requests.
  • It is much easier working with ADO.NET with the use of data binding and page formatting. This particular application works pretty faster. Besides, it has the ability to counter greater number of users without posing any performance related issues.
  • It is a perfect application when it comes to easy deployment without the need of any component registration mainly because all the configuration information remains embedded.

Therefore, it can be commented in nutshell that this particular application, which is undoubtedly the gen-next MS ASP version, is a programming framework that can be used for generating enterprise-class sites, web based technologies as well as applications. It is an excellent tool that provides all the basic and special, value added features that can be utilized across a number of networks. Its most prominent USP is that it is available at an affordable price.

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