Why Should an ASP.NET Developer Learn Python?

ASP .Net is the flagship product from Microsoft having an excellent track record. With time, technology depreciates and we can’t find a single technology that has ruled the whole history of IT industry. This is because nothing is perfect in the world and everything comes with some disadvantage. Though ASP .Net is a magnificent piece but it has few limitations that make it second choice in many circumstances. We have seen many ASP .Net developers transitioning to work in Python due to its unmatched quality and reliability. Well, learning a better technology is always welcomed in IT industry and so the case for Python as well. In this topic, we will discuss few factors that trigger ASP.Net developers to learn Python in order to serve the industry in a better manner.

why should an asp.net developer learn PythonPython is more powerful than ASP .Net: Python is well recognised in the industry as a powerful technology. The huge inbuilt resources make it so efficient that it will return extraordinary millage to the end product. The inbuilt resources are highly optimised and compatible enough to create high speed software applications. No matter which size of application you are going to develop, we can simply rely on Python.

Python is more popular than ASP .Net: Well Python is an old language and was in a dormant stage for more than a decade. With Google’s ambitious project i.e., unladen swallow, it gained not only performance but also popularity in the industry. A recent survey has revealed that the popularity of Python is higher than that of all time enterprise leader java. In that survey the number of entries for Python was simply beyond everyone’s imagination. This indicates the true popularity of Python in the industry and this is possible only due to the performance and reliability of this technology.

Python can handle any type of application: If you are an ASP. Net developer you must admit that your capability is limited within the web domain. On the contrary, Python has no such limit rather it can be used for a wide range of domains. Python can be used for desktop application development, hardware programming, game development and web development etc. Hence you have the option to work in any domain as per the requirement and wish. The best part is due to availability of extensive resources, the output of Python is always outstanding. Hence ASP .Net developers should also learn Python in order to serve the industry in a better manner.

Productivity will be more and cost of maintenance will be reduced: Python developers usually write less code as compared to asp .net developers. This is because of presence of a large number of inbuilt functions and classes within the technology that will definitely lessen the effort of the Python developer to a large extent. Hence, the time of development will also reduce and so the productivity will increase. Moreover Python encourages developers to write better readable and maintainable codes. This will definitely help in debugging the application in future and hence the maintenance cost of the project will decrease.

At Mindfire Solutions, we have dedicated teams of ASP.Net programmers and Python programmers who have been passionate about their respective technologies and have been catering to our esteemed clients’ technological needs since years. If you have any custom applicaton development needs in ASP.Net or Python or both: you can get in touch with us and we will revert back within one business day.


Enterprise Asp.Net – Things to Know about It

Enterprise ASP .Net is always Enterprise class: The Asp .net framework is the one of the most successful product from Microsoft that was born in early 21st century. It was aimed to compete with all time industry leader java JSP to help the industry to come out from the java eco-system. Fortunately it succeeds in most of the targets. The industry come out from the capture of JSP and saw a brighter future ahead under the ASP .Net hood. Since it is highly inspired from JSP, we can expect a tremendous potential within this technology to serve the industry in a better way than before. Microsoft knows how to deal with the demands of the industry. With the enterprise ASP .Net framework, it proved the same again. It has not left any stone unturned during the development process of enterprise edition ASP .Net. It is power packed with all useful and modern amenities for the ASP .Net developers in building enterprise standard web applications in a very less span of time. Well though it helps the web developers in developing quick web applications, that doesn’t mean it compromise on quality rather it always gives maximum priority to the quality of the application from its inception.

.net web development, asp.net application development, hire asp.net developersASP .Net can serve you better for all your web assessments: ASP .Net can help you in developing modern and futuristic web applications on the fly. You can get all types of modern amenities for your application if you choose the enterprise standard ASP .Net framework for your development process. It enables the ASP .Net developer in efficient and effective web development process. It can handle all types of critical and complicated situations for your applications in an easier manner. There is no problem that can’t be fixed by an efficient ASP .Net developer if it is technically feasible. This indicates the potential of ASP .Net over other technologies.

You can get more from less: Due to the high impact efficiency from ASP .Net, all types of modern amenities can be achieved on the platform with ease. Features like responsive web design, cloud technology and light weight web app development etc can be achieved through ASP .Net framework. Moreover an ASP .Net developer can handle any type of platform like Android, IOS or Windows in an efficient manner for its web application. We can provide the same beauty to our user from our web application with the implementation of responsive web design technology during the development process. Modern technologies like JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 etc can be integrated into our ASP .Net application without any hassle. This keeps it not only up-to-date but also efficient and energetic in the industry.

Microsoft means Reliability: Undoubtedly you will get the Microsoft standard quality service and support from Microsoft. This can’t be compared with anyone else in the industry when it comes about the support standard from Microsoft. There is an expert team of ASP .Net working beneath the roof to help you anytime during the development process that too instantly without any hassle. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net web development company.

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Mobile App Development with ASP dotNet – How to Build?

Mobile devices are getting increasingly popular and this is reason enough for the developers to target various types of mobiles as they continue developing newer and more advanced websites. While developing sites that are meant for phones, they face a string of challenges because of the complexity of the device detection process, the size of the screen along with the associated browser support. It is here where ASP.NET comes into play. The framework makes the life of the developers much easier, eliminating the challenges and providing some easier ways of site development and the same for cell phone based applications.

Mobile App Development with ASPMechanism of developing cellular phone applications with the help of ASP.NET is quite similar to the development of ASP.NET. In fact, it is much easier for the developers to develop these phone apps with ASP.NET than with anything else. This is mainly because of the fact that virtually each and every mobile site page is derived or inherited from Mobile Page class, which exists in System.Web.UI.MobileControls namespace.

When it comes to developing .NET pages for browsers of the cellular phones, the process does not differ too much from developing pages for the desktop browsers. However, for creating applications for phones, the ASP framework provides a System.Web.Mobile namespace that is exclusively devoted to mobility app development.

Developers are able to create sites from the base class of the MobilePage, add different controls as well as functionality, from the Web Mobile namespace. This particular namespace is scripted to define a suite for the adapters as well as controls of the server that are particularly handy for creating various applications required for various types of iPhones, smart phones. The Web Mobile namespace is categorically designed to develop apps for phones. A mobility page can be created from MobilePage class while the server controls can be created from Web Mobile namespace. Server controls of Mobile web server come up with quite a few specialized adapters in .NET framework. Hence, they are specially equipped to develop various cellular phone based applications, capable of targeting a variety of smart phones.

.NET framework also comes up with a specific control-adaptive architecture that provides the developers a unique option of creating customer device adapters for controls of .NET server. The adapters are equipped to create various customized rendering for a particular control or a set of controls that are based on the browser in question. Thanks to this adaptive architecture, it is possible for the developers to develop custom adapters for server controls of .NET for rendering output that are specific to devices designed to access applications on the desktop browsers along with those for mobile devices.

Whether it is for development of desktop browsers or for mobile devices, the process of development follows the customary .NET model that is basically event-driven and is equipped to respond to the requests of the users, button clicks and the likes.

Though the .NET technology integrates various parameters for development of mobile based web applications by following the more or less same model or pattern of traditional web based apps development, the first and foremost objective of the architecture is denying the creation of single pages that can be compatible with both desktop as well as mobile devices.

The majority of the server controls that are based on .NET framework comes up with typical unified adapter architecture. This implies that all the controls are able to behave in a different way, depending upon the requesting device, through the process of calling a particular custom adapter, which provides various actions or behaviors that are appropriate for that particular device. Now if the adapter in question is configured in the definition file of the browser in question, ASP will call the adapter at each stage of the web server control life-cycle. Then the adapter is able to adjust the rendered output in accordance to the requirement.

Thus, when it comes to development of apps for phones, ASP.NET comes in handy as it simplifies the process and makes it much quicker as well as user-friendly. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .NET development company.

We provide ASP.NET development services. If you would like to hire ASP.NET devs from us, we would be glad to assist you at Mindfire Solutions.

List of 20 Third Party Controls For dotNet Applications

Through .NET controls, developers are enabled in the building of applications that contain intuitive user interfaces; also productivity is enhanced. Visual Studio comes with some standard control sets. However there are numerous controls that have a huge range of innovative features in the third party suites and these can be used for development of applications for portable mobile devices as well as PC. Among the several controls available, here is the list of 20 popular third party controls that developers use.

List of 20 third party controls for Net applicationsDevExpress Universal- This is claimed to be one of the most feature rich and powerful control suites available in the market. Whether you want to build analytics dashboards centred on data or office-inspired applications, this programming library can help you in all respects.

Telerik Dev Craft Ultimate- DevCraft allows twice as fast app building with its comprehensive toolbox. It has more than 420 UI controls, JustCode for faster coding and in-built testing framework to simplify unit testing.

Intersoft premier Studio- This is claimed to be the ultimate among .NET development toolsets. It can deliver 400 components over 7 platforms. It even contains a revolutionary cross-platform toolset called Crosslight 2 which is perfect for Windows, iOS and Android. Other than that there are ASP.NET enhancements along with powerful Silverlight that reports designers and viewer.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise- It is a combination of 8 of their most famous platform studios which helps deliver responsive, rich web as well as desktop applications under budget as well as on time. The controls range from Complex data visualization to UI as well as platforms that include ASP.NET, WinForms, WinRT as well as WPF.

Aspose.Total for .NET- This compiles all components that Aspose offers. It is in fact compiled regularly so that the most recent versions of all their .NET components are contained.

Nevron Vision for .NET- It offers a comprehensive set of various components that build enterprise-grade data visualization applications targeting both desktop as well as web. It features coherent 3D as well as 2D data visualization effects.

Karamasoft UISuite- One pack contains every ASP.NET component, VB as well as C# applications along with their source code and native builds in .NET 2.0, 2.5, 1.1 and 4.0. It is also Visual Studio optimized as well as Ajax enabled.

Telerik RadControls – It contains a complete set of controls and features, 20 in-built professional grade skins, mobile responsiveness as well as support, exception user experience as well as performance, etc.

Mindscape megapack- Subscribing the Mega Pack means each Mindscape product along with its update is made available for 12 months with even added new product lines free of cost. It contains Silverlight controls, WPF controls, NHibernate Designer, Windows Phone 7 Controls, Web Developer Tools, etc.

Peter Blum Data Entry Suite- More than 100 web controls are contained by it, which are designed about data entry. Improved user communication as well as data entry is controlled by it.

Essential Studio- For mobile as well as web development there are more than 70 ASP.NET MVC controls which help target the latest mobile devices as well as tablets with touch support.

DevExpress – The more than 95 ASP.NET libraries and WebForm Control help in building the best apps without compromising or limits.

Infragistics NetAdvantage – Its lightweight ASP.NET control helps in the building of beautiful apps that give great performance.

WebUI Studio 2014- It features the newest web standard supports like CSS3 and HTML5 across every 40+ components that allow you to build great business web applications that can run on popular devices as well as browsers.

Gaia Ajax- The 40 UI Control helps you manage many aspects. Fewer bugs can be experienced along with support extended for Visual studio 2010 and 2012, 20 animations or effects, 10 behaviours or aspects.

The other 5 most popular third party controls are Kendo UI web, LiveControls- AJAX toolkit for ASP.NET, EmailVerify.NET, Visual Studio 2013 Toolbox Control and RapidSpell for .NET. In essence, there are some major players in this industry. All of them provide a broad range of options for you to select from. Carefully consider each before you set out to use them. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a certified ASP.NET development company.

We provide ASP.NET application development services. If you would like to discuss with a certified ASP.NET developer from our team, please get in touch with us at Mindfire Solutions.

The Difference between ASP dotNet and Open Source Platforms

Nowadays, a developer has option to choose from several server-side web application frameworks. Some developers opt for popular open source technologies like PHP to reduce the project cost, whereas others opt for commercial platforms to avail additional features and benefits. Despite being a commercial platform, ASP.Net is being used widely by programmers to rapidly develop dynamic websites. However, each developer must compare ASP.Net with some other open source web development technologies based on the specific needs of the internet application development project.

Key Differences between ASP.NET and Other Open Source Internet Technologies


The difference between ASPThe performance of a web application depends on the interaction between the script, database and web server. The ASP.Net developers have option to choose from several databases including MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL). However, the ASP.NET+MSSQL stack needs to be optimized to improve the performance of the web application. On the other hand, open source technologies like PHP use the LAMP stack that comprises Linux (OS), Apache (server), MySQL (database) and PHP (scripting language).


ASP.Net is more scalable than some of the open source web technologies. The highly scalable nature of the framework makes it suitable for building dynamic and high-traffic internet applications. ASP.Net is also used to build the popular social networking platform MySpace. However, the developers are required to scale the application according to the size of the traffic.

Support for Programming Languages

In comparison to other open source frameworks, ASP.Net supports more programming language. The ASP.Net developers have option to write code in C#, VB.Net, Ruby, Python and PHP. They also have option to use other programming languages compatible with .NET platform. Thus, a programmer can switch to ASP.Net without learning a new programming language.

Support for Multiple Platforms

You have option to use some of the open source implementations of Microsoft’s .NET Frameworks. But ASP.Net applications are designed primarily by targeting the Windows operating system. Microsoft has further integrated the .NET framework into its operating system to facilitate ASP.Net application development and deployment. At the same time, the applications developed using open source web technologies like PHP can target multiple operating systems including Microsoft Windows.

Development Tools and Editors

ASP.Net is supported by several IDEs and frameworks. The ASP.Net developers can further use Microsoft Visual Studio to build rich internet applications without writing longer lines of code. In addition to being feature-rich and powerful, Microsoft Visual Studio is more flexible than other open source IDEs. However, you have to incur additional expensed to avail the features of Visual Studio. On the other hand, there are option to choose from a variety of open source IDEs and editors for PHP application development.

Ease of Deployment

ASP.Net requires the code to be compiled each time any changes are made into it. Also, the developers are required to write additional lines of code to accomplish complex features and functionality. Thus, ASP.Net applications need more time to get deployed properly. But the open source technologies enable developers to deploy the web application quickly without writing any additional code.


Unlike other open source scripting languages, ASP.Net lacks the support of a large and active community of developers. In addition to contributing towards the development of the open source scripting language, the huge community of developers is also helpful to beginners. However, you will find many online discussion forums and developer boards created by ASP.NET enthusiasts. The beginners can visit these online developer boards to avail the required assistance.

Within a very short span of time, Microsoft has already open sourced several .Net programming languages and developer frameworks. Recently, the company revealed its plan to launch a new .Net Foundation to manage the open sourced technologies. With Microsoft outsourcing more and more .Net technologies, the web developers can now use ASP.Net without inflating the overall project overheads. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a certified .net development company.

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Why adopt Enterprise ASP dotNet?

ASP.Net or Active Server Pages.Net is used for creation of web pages as well as web based technologies. It is one of the most important as well as valuable tools for the developers or programmers, as it facilitates building dynamic along with rich websites as well as applications by using various compiled languages like C# and Visual Basic.

Why adopt Enterprise ASPNetThe framework applications are not restricted script languages as it provides the option of using various .NET languages like C#, J#, VB and so on. It also allows the developers for building various compelling applications with the help of Visual Studio. In fact, ASP.Net is a purely server-side technology that is built upon a common programming language runtime, which can be utilized on Windows services for hosting various powerful ASP.NET websites as well as technologies.

All these server side technologies are extremely important, when it comes to developing web based applications, both at the grass root level as well as in the enterprise level organizations. Let us discuss in details, why it is extremely feasible to adopt Enterprise ASP.Net.

  • The framework reduces the amount or extent of the required code for building enterprise applications to a significant extent.
  • When it comes to built-in windows authentication along with per-application, the applications are safe as well as secured.
  • It provides much improved performance by taking the advantage of just-in-time compilation along with early binding, native optimization, as well as different caching services.
  • The framework is perfectly complimented by an excellent tool box and a designer in the environment of Visual Studio integrated development. The tool box comes up with some intriguing features like automatic deployment, drag-drop server controls, WYSIWYG editing and so on.
  • It provides simplicity as it makes the performance of common tasks much easier – starting from simple form submission or client authentication to the likes of site configuration and deployment.
  • The source code along with HTML together forms the framework pages, which are easier to maintain as well as write. Besides, the server also executes the source code, which provides a lot of flexibility as well as power to the pages.
  • Its runtime is designed to closely and intensely monitor as well as manage all the associated processes and this ensures that even if a particular process is dead, a new process can be freshly created that will help in keeping the app readily available when it comes to handling the requests.
  • The framework is an absolute server-side technology and hence the codes execute on server, prior to sending it to the browser.
  • It is language-independent and hence it allows choosing that language, which applies best to a particular application or when it comes to partitioning an application across multiple languages.
  • Its deployment is extremely easy and there is hardly any need of registering various components as the configuration information is absolutely build-in.
  • The web server has the capacity to continuously monitor the components, pages, and applications that are running. In the event of the presence of any infinite loop, leak of memory, or any unauthorized activities it automatically restarts itself.
  • It is designed to seamlessly work in tandem with ADO.NET by using features like page formatting along with data-binding. In fact, it is an application, that run extremely fast and is capable of taking care of a huge number of users without affecting its problems whatsoever.

In the nutshell, this framework is the next generation ASP, which is a perfect programming framework that can be used by enterprise organizations for creating enterprise-class websites, web applications, as well as technologies. It comes up with a string of developed applications that are easily accessible on a global basis and that leads to an efficient as well as effective information management. All these are reasons enough for the ASP.Net to be adopted by enterprise organizations. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a certified custom .net development company.

We provide asp.net development services. If you would like to discuss with a certified .net web developer from our team, please get in touch with us at Mindfire Solutions.

Advantages Of ASP Dot NET Application Development For Users

Active Server Pages.NET or ASP. NET can be defined as a web application framework that is developed by Microsoft with a view to allow programmers to develop dynamic web pages along with web based services.

.net application development, .net development services, certified .net developersThe uniqueness of the language is that it uses a typical ‘visited composites rendering’ technique. At the time of compilation, the language collates the template or the .aspx file into an initialization code that then builds a composite structure, that is commonly referred to as the control tree. Ideally, this control tree represents the primary template.

Let us now discuss what advantages does .net application development bring for its users.

Technically speaking, the application can be described as a web app framework for building dynamic webpages, web based as well as desktop applications. Development applications of ASP.NET help the end users along with the programmers in a number of ways.

Faster application

It is made faster by the caching and compiled codes. In ASP.NET, the code is compiled into a machine language before any user actually visits the web page. Caching code stores all the information that can be used later on for faster access. The framework allows data caching from a particular database in such a way that the site becomes faster even after the database is visited frequently and a number of times.

Memory Leak and Crash Shielding

In order to make sure that a website does not send any error message to its visitors and is readily available whenever they would need to go through the site, ASP.NET has a mechanism that helps it to automatically recover from errors or memory leaks.

Support to Multiple Language

With the use of this framework, developers are able to write codes in over 25 .NET languages like C#, Jscript. NET, VB.NET and the likes. This naturally provides the users a greater ease and comfort while using the language.

Apart from these relatively major advantages, ASP.NET provides the following advantages to the end users as well as the developers.

  • The application as well as their settings in this framework are safe as well as secure with the built-in windows based authentication.
  • It provides the most simple as well as easy way of performing common tasks that may range from submission of simple forms to deployment and configuration of client authentication.
  • It helps by providing higher performance with the use of just-in-time compilation, early binding, native optimization, along with some out of the box caching services.
  • It helps the user to continuously monitor the pages, as well as the applications that are running on the server. The moment it picks up any illegal activity like memory leaks or presence of infinite loops and the likes, it immediately shuts down and restarts, thus negating their effects.
  • ASP.NET carefully and thoroughly controls and manages all the processes simultaneously so that even if a process dies down, immediately a new process can be started off replacing the dead process. This helps the application to keep running unabatedly. This is particularly handy when it comes to handling requests.
  • It is much easier working with ADO.NET with the use of data binding and page formatting. This particular application works pretty faster. Besides, it has the ability to counter greater number of users without posing any performance related issues.
  • It is a perfect application when it comes to easy deployment without the need of any component registration mainly because all the configuration information remains embedded.

Therefore, it can be commented in nutshell that this particular application, which is undoubtedly the gen-next MS ASP version, is a programming framework that can be used for generating enterprise-class sites, web based technologies as well as applications. It is an excellent tool that provides all the basic and special, value added features that can be utilized across a number of networks. Its most prominent USP is that it is available at an affordable price.

We provide .net development services. If you would like to talk to one of our certified .net developers, please get in touch with us at Mindfire Solutions.