Advantages of Using Asp.Net over Other Web Application Frameworks

Understanding the importance of the web industry, there are many web frameworks get born for technologies like PHP, ASP, JSP and RoR, etc.; but, all are not supposed to be as useful as ASP .NET and it is obvious. ASP .NET the flagship and most ambitious product from Microsoft has some inborn features and potential that makes it stand firmly in the industry without any bother. Moreover, the continuous enhancements have made it possible to rule the web industry for more than a decade by providing most accurate solution to each and every industry demand. Let’s find out few major advantages of using ASP .NET over other frameworks.

Advantages of using ASP. NET over other web application frameworksEase of use: This is the first thing that any web developer will consider! Ease of use means “minimal effort for maximum productivity”. Microsoft has made it possible with its highly organized and efficient core logic, i.e. residing within the framework. In fact, the user interface of ASP .NET framework is quite attractive and impressive. Components are placed at proper places that can be well navigated by the ASP .NET developer without spending more time for learning and getting acquainted with the framework. There are many small buttons embedded on the top of the framework that can help the developer in different proposes like debugging, indentation, testing and break-point analysis etc. With a single click, the ASP .NET developer can change the whole look of the programme with proper indentation and elimination of blank spaces or white spaces from the code. Similarly the framework enables the developer to analyse the flow of different arguments by setting break-point in the code and accordingly observing the effect of that segment of code. Though, these features are also available with other web frameworks in the industry, but the whole package that Microsoft provides is way better than its counterparts.

Modularity is highly emphasized: Over time and consistent focus to build highly optimised and efficient web application, the concept of modularity came into the picture before few years. Modularity is the degree to which application components can be separated or recombined. It enables different modules to work together for a common purpose of the application. It is highly influenced by the resource reusability and extensibility concepts. With the ASP .NET framework, web developers are highly encouraged to build large scale web applications with the new era “Agile methodology”. Agile methodology is something that enables an application to move on the production stage in a gradual manner without waiting for the whole product to be developed at the cost of more time and more investment. It makes the web application to start its productivity from the very beginning and over time, it gets larger and refined as per the response and demands of the users. ASP .NET enables its web developers to integrate different modules and plug-ins to enhance the effect of any website over time making the whole process an Agile style. The .NET developer can add more features to their application with integration of new modules and plug-ins without creating any inconsistency within the application and hence increasing the productivity of the web application.

Scalable application can be well handled with ASP .NET: Scalability is the capability of any framework to handle the increasing complexity of any web application. As we discussed before ASP .NET provides adequate room for the Agile methodology, it is obvious to find the application to be getting increased in size over time. Now, it is the duty of the framework to manage the increasing complexity of the application. How the different modules will act together for a common purpose? How the new plug-in or module will not impact the existing one? And how to handle both the code written by the developer and that of the third party resources without any conflict within the application are the major challenges for any framework. In this scenario, Microsoft’s ASP .NET framework stands above all other web frameworks due to its accurate design pattern developed by the core expert team of ASP .NET.

Customization at its par: In the challenging environment, it is really tough to make your web application stand ahead of the crowd; because all are competent and having a common focus to increase the footprints for their application. An expert ASP .NET developer is given enough scope to customise his web application with all modern amenities like event driven web page development, Asynchronous web page creation and highly interactive user-web communication, etc for any web application. The web developer can also take the benefit of modern scripting languages like HTML5, JQuery and CSS3 etc. to make the website even more gorgeous than others. It also enables the web developer to integrate third party reliable JQuery plug-ins for outstanding visual effects and attractive look n feel. Microsoft has not left any stone unturned, which can be easily understood from its latest version that is having in-built bootstrap library that enables the web developer in crafting awesome responsive web applications that can fit with any screen size.

Hassle free web application development for all types of needs: Unlike other frameworks that are having many limitations regarding the implementation of the application, i.e., specific to few domains or purposes, Microsoft has kept it absolutely open for any type of application that may be the requirement of the client. In fact, it enables the ASP .NET developer to design and develop cross platform compatible web applications for Windows and MAC operating system. Unlike any other web framework that are limited to specific web applications like blogging, content driven web application or e-commerce web application, an ASP .NET web developer can build all types of web applications as when required by the developer with utmost efficiency and optimisation.

MVC architecture with advanced features: Though, there are many web frameworks developed under MVC Architecture but Microsoft provides best in the industry framework Architecture to handle all types of complex situations without any hassle. In Microsoft, the MVC Architecture is redefined and reconfigured to provide the best in the industry standard model view controller based web framework.

Future ready: ASP .NET framework provides some unexpected features like cross platform smart app development environment; cross browser compatible web app development circumstances etc. that makes the .NET developer to create different type of applications for several platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows. It has inbuilt simulators available to realise the exact working of the web app during the development process so that the productivity of the smart app developer can be increased significantly. As a result, it makes the whole ecosystem, not only future ready but also user centric, which makes it the first choice in the industry over other web frameworks.

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Is ASP.NET secure?

ASP .Net as an intuitive, open-source server side web framework has been enabling developers to create dynamic and interactive performance oriented web pages. The application framework, built on Common Language Runtime (CLR), lets users design web products that are rich, performance-oriented, and simple. However, security vulnerabilities in web development frameworks often complicate the whole procedure of designing a web application. While ASP .Net has given instances of efficient handling of cross-site scripting and SQL injection in recent times and make the industry to believe in its authenticity. Still we need to examine it for our sceptical psychology and it should be!

To understand better whether ASP .Net is really safe or not, here’s a detailed insight:

Is ASP.NET secure1. The flagship web framework from Microsoft that lets ASP .Net developers build quality web applications provides an extremely safe approach. There are three distinctive ways for building standard web based apps – the Web Forms integrate an event-model and controls while ASP .Net Web Pages lend support to a singular page mode. This one helps in combining the HTML markup with code behind the screen. ASP .Net MVC understands the significance of division of concerns and allows users to experience simple test-driven development. The three parts i.e. Model, View and Controller helps in isolating the core logic section of application from the front end part i.e. View. In this process, the application becomes more stable and reliable and hence scalable one for improved performance. All these three techniques contribute, in a way, in building safe websites or web applications.

2. It enables developers to white list the request URL. Usually in ASP.Net web application development, there is an incredible potential of view state information to be leaked like UserId, Password and user details. These credentials are highly vulnerable because of their importance in any application. Well, it can be handled by the session() methods of ASP .Net; still there is chance of user data leak during the transportation through URL. Traditionally, those data were sent over the URL in a bare format which is absolutely inefficient and highly precarious for any web application. So, critical data is often at a high risk of security vulnerability and hence the framework allows ASP .Net Developers to white list the entire URL (which basically signifies disinfecting the URL). One can use a set of white listed characters from their data and remove the harmful ones for a secure connection over the server.

3. Visual Studio has significantly been enhanced by ASP .Net. As a result, numerous complexities are taken care of by ASP .Net and Two-Factor Authentication has made building an ASP .Net Web Forms application even safer. The added security factor actually allows developers to generate a unique Personal Identification Number while they log-in – which can further be used as an additional security, authentication measure when log into their application. The added advantage of multi tier security features can’t be ignored as well. With two or three stage security measures, the application becomes highly secure for the user to communicate with the server with their data.

4. While its two-factor security layer has somewhat been questioned for how it sends user’s credentials to the server in obvious text; ASP .Net provides another unique approach ‘Silverlight.’ Users can simply embed this on any sensitive page and have encryption of any submitted data. One can further benefit from ASP .Net’s advanced authentication methods – Password Hashing & the permission to guess credentials in order to avoid brute force attacks. The former advises developers to hash all their passwords and should they manage an authentication store; the latter lets developers have a casual holdup of a few seconds upon failed user login. This is considered as the most powerful technique of the industry to deal with security loopholes for any web applications. In fact, this technology is usually coupled with 32 bit or even 64 bit encryption technology (Encrypt- Decrypt- Encrypt) to make the process much more secure than the hacker’s expectations.

5. Data validation is another good aspect that helps ASP .Net look secure as a framework. Although it’d be wise to not rely completely on requesting validation as a way to protect an application from malicious threats, developers should validate user input and encode the output. This feature, in ASP .Net, helps users examine every single request and halt the request if any possible threat is detected. It is performed in the back end side to avoid unethical access from the users who tries to enter into your database with corrupt data by disabling the front end JavaScript on the browser.

6. Technically, ASP .Net is quite a safe open-source framework – make sure to always create new encryption keys and admin passwords (particularly, when migrating an application to a production phase). Users should also stay away from saving passwords straightaway or in any encrypted form. It’s advised to always store one-way hashed passwords and to never keep sensitive information like passwords in cookies.

7. At the same time, make sure to use parameters to avoid SQL Injection in the SQL queries (here, users are recommended to install URLScan on their IIS servers). This can be well avoided by highly efficient database query being used in the back end programming instead of skeptical things. The query must be of enterprise standard so as to avoid any such incidents. In fact, if it is not taken cared properly by the web developer, the hacker may take over your admin in no time and control the whole web application from anywhere. Fortunately ASP .Net provides adequate support to avoid these types of attacks from hackers by avoiding SQLInjection from the application. Also, Microsoft’s Developer Highway Code emerges to be a significant contribution towards making ASP .Net a secure web app development framework.

In a nutshell, ASP .Net is a very useful web application framework that allows web developers to develop dynamic web pages. However, by following certain security measures as mentioned above, ASP .Net developers may well prevent security vulnerabilities to their websites and web applications. So, it is not the task of the framework; in fact the developer needs to be highly sensitive while dealing with user’s data. Undoubtedly ASP .Net is efficient enough in crafting enterprise standard secure web solutions; but we must understand that “No framework is perfect; it only provides support and facilities to the developer in building highly secure environment for their application; at the end of day, the developer needs to execute those documentation or tricks to avoid such vulnerabilities”.

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ASP.Net new features that every software developers must know

ASP .Net the flagship product from Microsoft has been ruling the Web industry since its inception; undoubtedly it has tremendous power and potential within itself that has been mesmerizing the IT industry. But with the introduction of latest ASP .Net 5, it has proved not only its potential again but also openness as well. Let’s check out few new features of ASP .Net you should be aware of.

ASP.Net new features that every software developers must knowNo more Web forms an no more compile: Yes, it’s true that the latest ASP .Net 5 does not have any web form concept as before. In fact, it is refined and implemented within the MVC pattern itself. With MVC, the ASP .Net developer will get many added features and advantages. With MVC, the developer can keep the logic section absolutely isolated from that of the View part i.e. HTML. Along with that, MVC architecture enables web developers in building quick web solutions that are highly optimized and efficient in less time; this is because of presence of large number of libraries, modules etc along with ability to integrate other plug-ins and modules as when required by the application. Hence the developer need not to bother about the absence of Web form; because it’s advanced version is there inside. Again, the latest ASP .Net 5 does not require more effort and time from the developer since you can directly change the code and see its effect in a hassle free manner without need of iterative compile and run commands that are truly frustrating.

Cross platform compatible: The latest ASP .Net 5 has showcased Microsoft’s openness. The Microsoft recognised in the industry for its monopoly has changed its strategy. Now, with ASP .Net 5 it enables web developers in building quality smart apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows or even OS X. So cross platform web development became easier than before. Develop any web application and ASP .Net will warn you if your application will look or behave differently in any other platform other than Windows. This is simply awesome.

Support for HTML5: HTML5 is gaining overnight popularity in the web industry,. Almost every web framework supports HTML5 along with CSS3 for interactive and attractive web application development. ASP .Net 5 supports all the form tags of HTML5 and hence making it compliance with HTML5 for developing modern web applications. With HTML5 an ASP .Net developer can build light weight yet highly graphics intensive web pages without much hassle. The canvas and SVG element of HTML5 can serve the graphics requirement of any modern web apps with less effort and more accuracy. The local storage of HTML5 will definitely help you in creating highly optimized web applications for the industry. Now, you need not to run behind the header, footer issues while dealing with cross platform compatibility rather it can be well taken cared by HTML5 itself. Different web APIs will also serve like a charm for your web application development process.

Integrated twitter bootstrap: Twitter bootstrap one of the most tested and successful micro framework can be integrated with ASP .Net 5 without any hassle. In fact, it is already preinstalled for the ASP .Net environment. With twitter bootstrap, both the jobs of a CSS developers and JavaScript developers will become funny. Because it contains many inbuilt .css and .js file having numerous functionalities associated with them. With twitter bootstrap, many layout related issues get fixed automatically. Moreover, the column system of bootstrap enables web developers in building quick web apps that are not only accurate but also responsive. Yes, the application developed in bootstrap is absolutely responsive!!

Inbuilt simulator for smart app developer: Simulator is something that is necessity for a web developer while testing whether his application is cross platform compatible or not. Moreover, it ensures how his web app will look in different screen sizes like iPhone, iPad, windows or android OS. Since ASP.Net development platform provides support for cross platform web development. So, ASP .Net 5 developers will need these tools for accurate production of the web app from the platform. Fortunately, ASP .Net 5 enables the web developers to take the advantages of inbuilt simulators for different smart app development. Now you can inspect your app from within the platform without depending on any third party simulator. You can also test the behaviour of your web app in different orientations and how CSS files and HTML contents get rendered into the browser. This is really a big addition for the framework.

Cloud integration is hassle free with Azure: Cloud technology is a next generation technology for storing data in virtual place i.e. Cloud instead of any need for hardware devices like floppy disk, hard disk or memory devices etc. With time, the multimedia files are increasing their size from few bytes to MBs and now TBs look smaller. Considering this fact, Virtual memory is gaining popularity in the industry. Though Cloud technology is at its infant stage, still experts can clearly visualize a brighter future ahead. Amazon, Google, Apple etc. are top players of Cloud storage service. This time, Microsoft’s Azure service has been integrated with its flagship product i.e. ASP .Net to encourage ASP web developers in building web services having capabilities to take the advantage of Cloud service. With Azure cloud service, a user’s data can be stored in cloud through the ASP application. It definitely improves the quality of user experience to next level and enables the industry to run on the path for future with more confidence.

Future ready with more support for responsive design: With smart devices being an integral part of our everyday lives, it becomes essential to build web applications that can be well viewable from those devices without any glitch. Responsive design is the process through which we can impart similar user experience irrespective of platform and device screen resolution. With the latest ASP .Net, it encourages web developers to build highly efficient and responsive web applications on the fly. HTMl5 a modern era HTML language can be of extreme useful when developing a responsive web application for our user. With SVG, canvas we can build robust yet light weight graphics for smart browsers. ASP Web developers can develop games that are highly compressed with the use of canvas for the smart phones. ASP .Net with other micro frameworks can enable web developers in building industry standard responsive web applications on the fly.

Better support as usual from Microsoft: If something is related to Microsoft, then the user forgets about the quality of service (QOS); because, this is always at its par. Imagine ASP .Net one of the most ambitious project of Microsoft when being used by developers; just think about the standard and quality of support from Microsoft. It is simply outstanding!!

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Enterprise Asp.Net – Things to Know about It

Enterprise ASP .Net is always Enterprise class: The Asp .net framework is the one of the most successful product from Microsoft that was born in early 21st century. It was aimed to compete with all time industry leader java JSP to help the industry to come out from the java eco-system. Fortunately it succeeds in most of the targets. The industry come out from the capture of JSP and saw a brighter future ahead under the ASP .Net hood. Since it is highly inspired from JSP, we can expect a tremendous potential within this technology to serve the industry in a better way than before. Microsoft knows how to deal with the demands of the industry. With the enterprise ASP .Net framework, it proved the same again. It has not left any stone unturned during the development process of enterprise edition ASP .Net. It is power packed with all useful and modern amenities for the ASP .Net developers in building enterprise standard web applications in a very less span of time. Well though it helps the web developers in developing quick web applications, that doesn’t mean it compromise on quality rather it always gives maximum priority to the quality of the application from its inception.

.net web development, application development, hire developersASP .Net can serve you better for all your web assessments: ASP .Net can help you in developing modern and futuristic web applications on the fly. You can get all types of modern amenities for your application if you choose the enterprise standard ASP .Net framework for your development process. It enables the ASP .Net developer in efficient and effective web development process. It can handle all types of critical and complicated situations for your applications in an easier manner. There is no problem that can’t be fixed by an efficient ASP .Net developer if it is technically feasible. This indicates the potential of ASP .Net over other technologies.

You can get more from less: Due to the high impact efficiency from ASP .Net, all types of modern amenities can be achieved on the platform with ease. Features like responsive web design, cloud technology and light weight web app development etc can be achieved through ASP .Net framework. Moreover an ASP .Net developer can handle any type of platform like Android, IOS or Windows in an efficient manner for its web application. We can provide the same beauty to our user from our web application with the implementation of responsive web design technology during the development process. Modern technologies like JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 etc can be integrated into our ASP .Net application without any hassle. This keeps it not only up-to-date but also efficient and energetic in the industry.

Microsoft means Reliability: Undoubtedly you will get the Microsoft standard quality service and support from Microsoft. This can’t be compared with anyone else in the industry when it comes about the support standard from Microsoft. There is an expert team of ASP .Net working beneath the roof to help you anytime during the development process that too instantly without any hassle. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net web development company.

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ASP.NET Basics That Programmers Should Not Avoid

History of ASP .Net: Microsoft is the biggest brand of IT industry till date. It has an undisputed track record for than two decades, which shows its talent and potential to understand the demand of users and its effort and passion for the rest of the world. When Windows OS get born, the industry was astonished!! Microsoft has always given shocks to the industry with its outstanding products in a mesmerizing manner. ASP .Net is one such piece. It is a framework for its .Net scripting language!! It is extremely popular in the industry with special reference to web industry and web developers. Let us have a quick look over few important fundamental materials that a web developer must learn to be a good ASP .Net developer. development, dot net application development services, expert developersHave a strong grasp on HTML: HTML is the core of any web application. It is the content that render on the web page and visible to the end user. So, a ASP .Net developer must learn HTML in depth. Web page starts with HTML tag “<HTML>” and it follows other tags. There are many tricky tags in HTML which a web developer or ASP dot Net developer must learn before he jumps into this challenging career. Well, the modern HTML5 is a big advantage for the developer if he wants to sustain in the industry with dignity.

Knowledge of backend programming is must: Back end programming is something which is nothing but the core logic of the application. It is usually written in programming languages like C# in case of ASP .Net. So an ASP .Net developer must have a strong knowledge on back end programming. This will determine the efficiency of any application so, it is must.

Validation is an important feature of any web app: In any web application, we find many web forms in different shapes and forms. These forms must be validated properly. For the same the ASP .Net web developer should take the help of JavaScript in frontend and C# in backend. Why both front end and backend? Well, a hacker can hack your application if it is not properly validated. He can put some nonsense data into your database, which will cause crash in latter period. So, a web developer must validate all the web form data both in frontend and back end programming.

Master page is a wonderful concept: Master page is a page which provides a uniform look and feel to any web application. This improves the professional characteristic of any web application. So, it is getting tremendous popularity among the ASP .Net developers in recent period. So, you must learn this to achieve professional web design for your app.

Cache management and Session is needed: Optimization has always its importance in the industry and this can be achieved through proper use of Cache. So, as a web developer, you must learn to implement cache and make your application more efficient than before. Session is a important concept in web development process. It ensures that privacy is maintained properly. So, you must integrate session in your web app. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom development company.

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Choosing Asp.Net for Developing Your Mobile Site

Why mobile site? Change is the biggest rule of nature and we have to accept it. In every sector there must be a change with the flow of time. In fact, this change creates a positive vibe in our environment. Similarly, in IT sector there is always changes happens to make it more human friendly. Technology depreciates at a rapid pace with time like desktop transformed into mobile computers (smart phones and tablets), desktop applications transformed into modern ERP solutions, Mass storage devices are transformed into virtual cloud etc. Similarly the old fashioned desktop web applications are getting transformed into modern web apps for mobiles which are also known as mobile sites. These mobile sites have a tremendous potential to reach at target audience through a large scale of devices including desktops, tablets and smart phones. web development, .net development services, expert developersASP .Net for mobile site development: Well there are many web application development technologies are available in the market like JSP, PHP, Python, ROR and ASP etc. All of them are best in their respective fields and their purposes. JSP is for huge applications that need both efficiency and speed simultaneously. Similarly, PHP is for low cost web application development. But ASP, the flagship product from Microsoft is having a mix up all the features to develop an enterprise standard mobile application. developers can develop mobile website for any purpose in an efficient and effective manner. The framework is having all the modern amenities that a web developer searches for in an enterprise standard framework.

Modern look n feel: An developer can produce a totally new and user friendly web application which can provide great user experience irrespective of platforms and devices. With mobile development, we can have HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery effects in our mobile website. The web developer can develop responsive web application using framework which can fit to any size of screens and resolution. mobile developer can render modern mobile website contents like light weight graphics, canvas and different multimedia files into the mobile website. This provides an enhanced experience to the user within limited resources.

Same efficiency: Though, developers can develop mobile websites which are not only light weight but also low resource extensive in nature but it never compromises on the quality and reliability of the web application. The framework provides all the necessary features which when being used by the web developers never trigger to compromise the quality of the end product. Moreover, an mobile website developer can take the help of asynchronous web pages to create dynamic web applications and thereby improving the overall user experience. Web developers can implement AJAX technology to develop enterprise standard modern web applications for the industry. This improves both productivity and efficiency of the application.

Microsoft has not left any stone unturned: From above, we can conclude that Microsoft has taken all the necessary steps to develop an industry standard framework i.e. ASP .Net for its customers. ASP .Net has all the features that are required to develop an enterprise standard web solution.

You can rely on Microsoft: Well, any product having a brand value of Microsoft doesn’t require any introduction. We can expect a reliable support service for from Microsoft. Moreover there is a billion size community of which can help you out of any unfavourable situation. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom web development company.

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Asp.Net Development – Boosting Your Online Presence

ASP.Net is a framework for web application development that is based on Microsoft’s ASP (Active Server Page) technology and .Net framework. It has always been a reliable approach when it comes to building web application for websites, web services, apps for specific industry or solutions for e-commerce, CMS and CRM. ASP.Net development offers superior control. It is considered better than the technologies and other scripting languages. In addition, the CLR (Common Language Runtime) interface enables the developers to write the codes in any language that DOT Net supports. Such flexibility enables the developers to integrate as well as access various programming languages. It also allows the designing of reliable as well as robust applications.

Why ASP Dot NET Development is necessary for online businesses?

custom .net development company, web development, certified .net developersThe introduction of this framework has introduced major changes in the website development sector. With the help of the compiled coding the performance of the online boost receives a boost. It also mitigates the cost and time required for developing websites. There are several reasons why it is preferred by the developers. It can run on various technologies and hardware. Secondly, this framework reduces the operational cost. Thirdly, the solutions built with the help of ASP.Net can be easily implemented as it is highly reliable. In addition, it also allows cross platform migration.

It is an easy to use and simple coding language that offers server controls as well as the user controls. All you need is skilled programmers who can integrate the app framework that would reduce the coding efforts so that managing data is easy. It becomes easy to access the inbuilt controllers present in the Dot Net package. Even without installing any added plug-ins the tasks can be managed. Yet there are various web managers and enthusiasts who are still not sure which framework to choose while working on their next website development project. There are various platforms, like, ROR, Java and PHP are easy alternatives. For creating robust, dynamic websites the ASP.NET framework is perfect owing to its flexibility and agility.

Benefits of using ASP.NET

One of the major uses of Dot NET is that there is no need to code in bulk even for large applications. Being a server side programming, the results will be visible in the user’s web browser directly. Thirdly, this framework can be customized easily with your apps being safe as well as secure. Another important reason why this is chosen is because the professionals dealing with it are better trained. As a result, the solutions that they deliver offer outstanding performance. These professionals are also available at reasonable costs while providing high level of support and maintenance.

Secondly, wide arrays of solutions are offered for web apps, web services, dynamic websites, ecommerce, etc. Thirdly, the language interoperability enables this framework to support various .net languages, such as, C++, jQuery, C#,, Ajax, Silverlight, etc. Additionally, robust as well as quality solutions can be delivered within a limited time span.

Owing to these advantages the developers are able to create dynamic websites. Since this framework allows the creation of different webpages and attractive websites, the developers are able to build the project as per the requirement of the clients. It is especially effective for ecommerce websites where is visibility is a key issue. For rest of the websites that are offering services across multiple industries, this framework is quite helpful. The programmers can be hired at low budgets.

Online businesses are undoubtedly in search of a robust technology that will offer solutions to meet their important business requirements. Moreover, they are looking for a solution that will suit their budget as well as will be based on technology that is reliable and flexible. In this regard, the DOT Net technology is able to comprise all the important requirements for an online business to offer solutions that can be integrated easily within the system as well as bring better returns on investment. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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