The Benefits of Using Asp.Net for E-commerce

e-Commerce is the next generation enterprise: In past couple of years we have seen a sudden growth of e-commerce websites in the industry. Particularly in developing countries like India and China this trend has been spreading like a wild fire. Very small e-commerce platforms have been converted into multibillion turn over farm in a very less span of time mostly within three to five years. Experts have already predicted even bigger and brighter future ahead for these e-commerce applications. This is possible because of the door step service of quality materials at a very affordable price to the customer. The elimination of all mediators from the supply chain management, these e-commerce portals are able to provide quality products and services directly from manufacturer to the end user at an affordable price. Considering its future potential, e-commerce web applications are treated as next generation mega mart for the industry.

Hire developer, development services, development IndiaASP .Net can build above all industry standard e-commerce application: When we are considering e-commerce applications, the first thing that strikes to our mind is none other than web development process. Though we can develop web applications in any language like PHP, JSP, ROR or Python etc, but ASP .Net has its unique presence in the industry in developing enterprise standard web applications in a much professional manner. ASP .net is a web framework having all the necessary and additional features to develop industry standard e-commerce portal. As a proficient ASP .Net developer, you must ensure high quality of user experience along with performance of your application to survive in the competitive IT industry. You must adopt all futuristic features so that you can end up with a beautiful output.

ASP .Net provides higher security for all your financial transactions over internet: An e-commerce website can’t be competed unless and until we integrate a third party payment get way to our application. Through these payment get ways, our customers can make online financial transactions with their banks or credit cards to purchase different items for our portal. Hence it becomes even more responsibility for us to provide better security for our customers so that all the financial information can be remain private through industry standard security measures. As a proficient ASP .Net developer, you must integrate 128 bit encryption technology for better security of our users. You can also adopt multi tier security features to avoid any type of loop holes.

ASP .Net developer can design your e-app for better user experience: Now a days, the popularity of smart phones and tablets are going up at an exponential rate. Users love to browse e-commerce apps from these devices for better user experience. Moreover these apps are also enables the user to use them at anytime from anywhere using mobile internets like 2G and 3G services. Fortunately an ASP .Net developer can design enterprise standard smart phone apps for your e-commerce portal without much hassle. You can also offer responsive e-commerce apps to fit into different devices and hence providing optimum user experience. If you are planning to hire developer, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently agile or not!

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The Basics of Developing a Mobile Site in Asp.Net

21st century is highly influenced by mobile devices: Mobile devices were introduced with an aim to connect with each other through mobile calls and SMS before few decades. With time, the functionality and look and shape of mobile devices have been changed in a magical way. Now this devices are not just performs calling or sending sms but they are having a wide range of utility functions within these devices. Mobile phones are now transformed into smart phones because they are much smarter than before. Now these devices can be used for browsing internet, playing multimedia files, capturing wonderful moments of our life and playing graphics intensive games etc. As a result they have received a tremendous popularity from the users throughout the globe. The numbers of smart phones in the industry are growing in a much faster pace and beyond our expectations. Considering its popularity and global presence we can say 21st century is dominated by smart phones.

Hire developer, development services, development IndiaASP .Net for mobile website design: Due to high population of mobile devices including smart phones, web developers are now trying to reach at every user through their website i.e., mobile friendly. This means in order to reach at more number of users the industry must have to adopt mobile web app development methodologies in 21st century. Well Microsoft’s flagship product i.e., asp .net, a web framework is also well equipped with various features and facilities to make the development process transform from ordinary websites to mobile web applications. It provides extensive and adequate supports to the .net developers in building responsive web applications for different screen sizes and mobile devices.

Responsive web design and fluidic design through ASP .Net platform: Though fluidic web design and responsive web design creates confusion among the web developers many times, but there is a thin separation line between them. Fluidic design refers to developing mobile websites with the help of percentage layouts i.e., it displays different components of website according to the screen size of the device. It allows the developer to fix the component’s size and shape as a reference of some percentage value of screen size of the device. On the other hand the latest asp .net developers can develop modern mobile websites in a responsive manner that takes the maximum help of different sensors of the device along with screen size to make the website look much more beautiful and professional than before. It allows the asp .net developers in checking the rotation of the device and accordingly changing the contents of the website to provide better user experience.

Take the help of modern web libraries for better output: Now developers can also take the help of modern and smart web libraries like JQuery, Twitter bootstrap and other plugins that can help them in developing enterprise standard responsive web applications. They can also adopt HTML5 and CSS3 in developing file attractive and interactive web applications for mobile devices. What is more? Web developers can also integrate futuristic features like cloud storage in order to provide enhanced user experience and improved performance for their web applications. If you are planning to hire developer, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently agile or not!

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Comparing and Differentiating Asp and Asp.Net

In December 1996, Active Server Pages (ASP) was released by Microsoft as a server-side scripting engine for building dynamic and interactive web pages. In January 2002, Microsoft released version 1.0 of ASP.NET, along with .NET framework 1.0. Despite being promoted as the successor to ASP, ASP.NET was designed by Microsoft as an advanced server-side web application development framework for creating websites, internet applications, and web services. Further, Microsoft has been updating ASP.NET at regular intervals to make it complement the latest trends in web development. So there are several advanced features and functionalities that make ASP.NET completely different from, and far superior than classis ASP.

Major Differences between Classic ASP and ASP.NET

.net application development, hire .net developers india, application development, hire dot net programmers, net development, hire devs, custom .net development company, hire dot net developers, expert .net developers, development companyPlatform Support: Microsoft introduced ASP on its own server, i.e., Internet Information Server (IIS). So the server side scripting technology was available only for Windows platform. ASP.NET was also released initially as part of the .NET Framework. So the web application development framework was running on platforms that support the .NET framework. But in 2014, Microsoft made ASP.NET available for Linux and Mac OS X, in addition to Windows. The web programmers can use the latest version of ASP.NET as a cross-platform and open source web development framework.

Language Supports: While using ASP, the programmers have option to write code in any of the two interpreted language, i.e., JScript or VBScript, The VBScript was the default scripting language for ASP, whereas JScript was the Microsoft’s version of JavaScript. On the other hand, the ASP.NET programmers have option to choose from a wide range of programming languages supported by the .NET framework, including C#, J#, and VB.NET.

Process Isolation: The ASP applications run under the inetinfo.exe process space of IIS. Thus, their performance will be impacted when IIS is restarted or stopped. On the other hand, ASP.NET uses a different worker process, i.e., aspnet_wp.exe, which is completely distinct from inetinfo.exe. Therefore, the process isolation keeps the performance of ASP.NET independent of other IIS working processes.

Server Based Controls: Unlike ASP, ASP.NET comes with a variety of server based components and controls. These server based components make it easier for web programmers to accomplish event driven processing at the server, and avoid writing lengthy code. For instance, ASP.NET developers have option to choose from three types of button controls, i.e., buttons, link buttons and image buttons. Likewise, they can also use basic ASP.NET controls like text, label, checkbox, radio button, and several types of list controls.

Used Technologies: ASP and ASP.NET also vary from each other due to technologies used by them. For instance, ASP.NET is designed with built-in support for XML, whereas ASP does not support XML by default. Likewise, ASP.NET uses ADO.NET to work with databases, but ASP used ADO for similar purposes. Also, ASP pages can have HTML and coding logic mixed. But ASP.NET uses code-behind files to keep the HTML and coding parts separate. The code-behind files further help programmers in hiding both code and sensitive information from end users.

Debugging Options: The interpreted model of classic ASP makes debugging both restricted and difficult. But ASP.NET is designed with advanced debugging features. The ASP.NET programmers also have option to use several debugging tools. As the page errors are generated as compiled errors, they can be easily identified at the time of compilation and much before the runtime. As both C# and VB.NET are strongly typed programming languages, it also becomes easier for developers to debug their code.

Quality and Performance of Code: As noted earlier, in ASP, the code is executed through an interpreter like VBScript or JScript. So each time an ASP page is requested, its text has to be processed linearly. Further, the programmers have to write lengthy blocks of server side code to replace the static HTML elements. But the ASP.NET pages can be easily compiled into .NET classes. The .NET classes, which are housed within assemblies, also include both static HTML and server-side script. So the ASP.NET page is compiled when it is being accesses for the first time. The pages will be rendered on subsequent requests through compiled code execution. So the speed and performance of ASP.NET pages is much better than that of ASP pages.

In late 2014, Microsoft completely revamped ASP.NET. In addition to making it open source, Microsoft also made ASP.NET available for non-Windows platforms like Linux and Mac OS X. ASP.NET 5 comes with a set of innovative features including a cross-platform runtime, cloud-ready environment configuration, and a modular HTTP request pipeline. ASP.NET 5 further includes a unified framework called MVC6 that includes Web Pages, MVC and Web API. If you are planning to hire asp .net development companies, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently agile or not!

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Asp.Net Vnext – How Reliable Is the Framework?

Microsoft has a new framework on its sleeves – ASP.Net vNext. However, moving to this framework is not supposed to be as radical as moving to the original .NET framework. What the developers need to know is that all the existing codes will not be compatible with the new one. This framework is designed in such a way that it is ideal to be applied to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. This has lead to the amassing of huge popularity with the developers. In addition Microsoft has planned ASP.NET vNext as an open source framework that is effective as well. With the new change in place it is expected to be more streamlined and thus, offer more reliability and clarity for the developers to work upon.

.net web development, application development, expert developersVisual Studio Changes: One of the most noticeable changes is that while debugging is on the Visual Studio displays how long each method will actually take to execute. This information is quite important for the developers. Thus, after much waiting the developers have been finally rewarded with a support that helps them in refactoring.

Besides the change in the Visual Studio, there is the Roslyn compiler that comes with an API. This feature allows the external tools in the process of compilation. Although you might not be able to use this tool directly but a feedback about the code will definitely be helpful. Besides this, the new compiler has a lot to offer. One of the USPs is that it has become easier to rename a member name or a variable in the Visual Studio. This can now be done where the name has been used. There is no need to rely on the declaration only. The new framework also includes several new features for the languages as well. The continuation character will be appearing lesser while developing the strings for the multiple lines.

According to the Roslyn team the latest compiler will be able to build new codes while it generates faster codes. These features have been included to ensure that there is more amount of reliability for the development process. Previously, while the debugging was on certain extra time was required as the build time. But with Roslyn at work such extra times are not required anymore. As you press the keys the system will start running with immediate effect.

Web Forms are not included: It isn’t for the first time that the ASP.NET developers have witnessed such changes. New changes have been introduced since ASP.NET MVC first came into existence. In this newest version the web forms have been given a miss. However, the Web form development will continue to receive support from the Visual Studio. For the PHP developers there are the Web Pages. It makes use of an architecture that is similar to that of the MVC applications and services.

Refresh and work. No need of build: Another advantage of this framework is that there is no need to use IIS Express for testing the web apps. There is a ‘ready to run’ feature that allows the developers to tests their codes in the Visual Studio. They can then go back to the browser, refresh the existing page and see whether the change is working fine. Such features actually work perfectly for the developers as these helps in speeding up the developing process.

Runs fine even with less memory: The ASP.NET vNext enables the apps to run faster even when there is lack of memory. This happens particularly when you are running an app in the cloud where the memory consumption capacity for a general app has been reduced significantly. There are sets of NuGet packages that are found in the runtime environment for the web apps. These can be added as many as possible or even fewer as per the requirement.

No deployment issues with the Applications: The applications present in the Production Server do not face any kind of deployment troubles. These are in no way affected by the patch level of Server’s Framework. There are NuGet packages to take care of the issue. Therefore, even when the server changes, there is no impact on the applications.

With such features, the ASP.NET vNext is quite recommended as a reliable and faster framework to work with. Hopefully in the coming days more features might be introduced to make it more relevant and useful for the developers. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net web development company.

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What is New in ASPdotNET and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2013?

Microsoft frequently updates Visual Studio by incorporating new features to meet the latest trends in web development. The updated version of Visual Studio 2013 was recently launched by Microsoft with a set of major enhancement including ASPNET and web tools. Along with a new HTML editor and Azure website tooling with Azure SDK 2.1, the updated version of Visual Studio 2013 also comes with Entity Framework 6.0.0, ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET SignalR and ASP.NET Identity. These features aim to optimize the pace of website and web application development, in addition to making it easier for developers to build robust mobile applications.

New Features of ASP.NET and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2013

.net application development, development services, .Net web developer1. A Single UI to Access Multiple ASP.NET Frameworks: The feature enables web application developers to create projects using a single UI that accesses several ASP.NET frameworks including web forms, web API and MVC. At the same time, the programmer can now use some of the features like multiple authentication configurations and automatic test project creation for ASPNET that were earlier available only for MVC. They also have options to choose from several authentication configurations that work seamlessly in various hosting environments while supporting all ASPNET frameworks. The feature will surely reduce the amount of time required to build complex web application by using multiple ASP.NET frameworks.

2. Browser Link to Simultaneously Refresh Multiple Browsers: The Visual Studio 2013 also comes with a new feature called Browser Link that allows programmers to directly refresh multiple web browsers simply by clicking a button. The option makes it easier for developers to save the time and effort required for opening, closing and refreshing individual browsers. The users can now edit markup and code, and then press Control+F5 to run the code in browser. Further, they can simply click on the Browser Link Refresh button refresh the output being displayed on the browser. Also, the button can be used to refresh multiple browsers connected to a specific development site at a time.

3. New Editor to Access both HTML and Razor Files: The updated version of Visual Studio also comes with a new HTML editor for the HTML and Razor files. Earlier, programmers have to use different editors to access the web forms and user control files. The new editor will enable them to access a single unified HTML5-based schema. Microsoft has further optimized the HTML editor by incorporating improved features like jQueryUI and AngularJS attribute IntelliSense, automatic brace completion, attribute IntelliSense grouping.

4. Tool to Access All Windows Azure Services: Visual Studio 2013 further enables programmers to access smart Azure website tooling simply after installing Windows Azure SDK 2.2. Once the SDK is installed, all Widows Azure services used by the project can be accessed under a single Windows Azure node in Server Explorer. Further, the user can connect to Windows Azure simply by entering his username and password, without downloading and importing a subscription file. At the same time, he also has option to create, stop and start websites directly from the Server Explorer.

5. ASP.NET Identity: Microsoft has further included a new membership system in Visual Studio 2013 for building ASP.NET applications. The membership feature is called ASP.NET identity enables users to control the persistent model of their web applications. It makes it easier for developers to store and access information from both SQL and NoSQL data sources by using Entity Framework Code First to access the data. At the same time, the user also has options to add new tables and membership tables, while modifying the existing one to optimize the web application’s performance.

The enhanced features have made ASPNET more productive, extensible and productive. The developers now have options to avail these improved features to optimize the performance and security of web applications. The combination of existing features and these enhancements will further make it easier for programmers to meet the upcoming trends in .net application development.

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ASP DotNET Web Forms Versus ASP DotNET MVC

In case you have considerable experience in ASP.NET development, much of the knowledge and expertise would come handy during the creation of Model View Controller application. Since MVC is a component of the .NET framework, most of the interfaces, class and namespaces can be utilized in these applications. Here we will discuss the positive aspects of both Web Forms as well as MVC models.

An overview of web forms application development, expert .net developers, .net web developmentWeb forms were introduced to solve great many problems for web developers through creation of abstraction of a higher level over stateless web as well as simulated stateful model. Concepts such as ViewState, which helps in maintenance of control values at the time of postbacks, along with self postback, which facilitates posting of form data within same page, were introduced. The striking aspect is that not a single line of code needs to be written. The Visual Basic model is brought back into web by Microsoft. Let us examine the major strengths:

1. Event Model: An event-oriented programming style is supported which is similar to Windows applications. A number of events are available. Moreover, there are server controls to render support to these.

2. State Management: The intricacy of managing state is reduced through the use of server-based controls and view state.

3. Page-oriented architecture: Here we have an architecture which merges a page having declarative markup (in fact an .aspx file) along with a code-behind file which includes functionality. This structure makes room for convenient creation of pages which implement common tasks like markup rendering from server code and responding to user gestures.

4. Extensive set of controls: A plethora of server controls as well as components that help in the reduction of development time are provided by the .NET web development community.

A glance at MVC

ASP.NET MVC is one of Microsoft’s web application framework developed with separation of concerns as well as testability in mind. It is designed on CLR and entirely revolves around MVC architecture. There is no support for ViewState or server controls. The strengths are as follows:

I. Separation of concerns: A “separation of concerns” is enforced, which facilitates the division of the application into loosely-bound and discrete parts, incorporating the view, model and controller components of the application. In this way, testing and maintenance of MVC applications becomes more convenient.

II. Enhanced control for rendered HTML: Significant boost of control for rendered HTML is realized.

III. Test-oriented development: With MVC, it is easier to go for test driven development. An MVC project as well as its test project can be created simultaneously. Following this, unit tests can be designed with respect to every action method within the application, and they can be run without the need to invoke the web application’s total request cycle.

ASP.NET framework aspects in sync with MVC

MVC and web forms might appear to be distinct technologies. However, both these technologies are developed across the ASP.NET framework. As a result, most features utilized in the development of web forms are also available for Model View Controller application design. This incorporates features like authentication, membership, configuration and roles, which work in an identical manner in both categories of apps. Most of the interfaces, classes and namespaces can be utilized in an MVC app.

ASP.NET framework aspects that are not in line with MVC

Since in case of Model View Controller, state information is not maintained by utilization of view state, other ways need to be sought for state information management, if the same is required. In addition to this, server controls relying on postback and viewstate would not operate as designed for an MVC application. So, controls like Repeater, GridView as well as DataList controls should not be used. In case of a Web Forms page, the life cycle is complex, incorporating a number of events. Model View Controller application does not render support to such events since the interactions between the view, model and controller utilize distinct life-cycle models.

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Top Advantages of building web applications using MVC framework

MVC stands for Model View Controller – this is a model used for software development purposes. It is popular among various major programming languages today such as Java, PHP, ASP.NET etc. It has a pattern followed by many of the developers for customizing World Wide Web applications at ease. Model holds the business rules, functions and logic. View represents data structure or a chart or a diagram. Controller controls the model and the view.

.net application development, development, certified .net developersToday it is being used as the powerful framework for building web applications using MVC pattern. The Model represents the application core, whereas the View displays the data and the Controller handles the input. The MVC separation helps one to manage complex applications, because one can focus on one aspect at a time. For example, one can focus on the view without depending on the business logic and thus makes it simpler and easier to test a web application. Here both the view and the controller depend on the model; the model depends on neither the view nor the controller. This is one the main advantages of the separation. Hence this allows the model to be built and tested independently of the visual presentation. The separation between the view and the controller is secondary in many client applications and many user interface frameworks implement the roles as one object as one package, thus no interference in each of the module.

In web applications, on the other hand, the separation between view (the browser) and controller (the server-side components handling the HTTP request) is very well defined. The MVC separation also simplifies team development. Different programmers can work on the business logic, view and the controller logic parallel thus without interfering in each other’s work.

Introduction of MVC in ASP.Net

In ASP.Net, there was a need to change the ASP.NET development pattern because working with Webforms became a difficult task, When MVC did come, it is now instrumental in meeting different business demands and making developer work easier. Let us understand what were the main disadvantages of Webforms in ASP.NET.

  1. Web forms by nature hide all the nature of HTTP.
  2. The user has no more control on the HTML markup generated by Web forms.
  3. There is no separation of Concerns in web forms. Presentation and business logic are tightly coupled in web form. For example, ASPX and ASPX.VB (or) ASPX.CS files are tightly coupled or depend one another. The Design (Presentation Logic) and Code Logic cannot be separated.

With each new version, MVC is getting more and more productive and helping develop richer and far more effective solutions.

Top Advantages of building web applications using MVC framework

MVC Framework is built upon a proven MVC design-pattern. ASP.NET has one of the major defects where it uses HTML size of controls and view state. View state stores all the HTML rendered data and the final HTML gets too large. If there is a slow internet connection, the load time is delayed. This has been taken care in MVC framework. MVC framework does not deal with view state concept. With MVC and JQuery integration makes it even better to write code that runs in the browser and takes away load from the server. Thus loading application quickly saving lot of development time. It also supports multiple views and unit testing as a part of Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. The MVC architecture isolates the domain logic from the user interface, allowing for quicker, more controlled development. MVC is under continued enhancements and getting finer day by day, providing more benefits with each new version.

MVC manages complexity because of its separated nature of model-view-controller makes it easier to manage the complexity of large applications and keep it well organized. Programmers are able to focus on one aspect of execution at a time, such as concentrating on the view without depending on the business logic or vice-versa. Some functions and classes of MVC can even be auto-created to save time. With MVC, it is faster test-driven development. Testing applications get easier than it is to test form-based ASP.NET web applications. This is because the separation of application tasks are all defined differently so they add no more complexity. Programmers can test their development work by writing a failing automated test case to define a desired improvement then evaluating the new code.

Because of the flexible coupling of the MVC architecture, rapid and parallel development is possible. It is much easier for more than one developer can code at the same time on the application. If one programmer is working on the view, another can work on the controller logic and the other on the business logic in the model, the application is capable enough to be completed three times faster. With model-view-controller, development gets quicker and independent, thus saving development time. The MVC framework gives full control over the behavior of their application because MVC does not use a view state or server-based forms. Since the controller uses different pieces of the model and view to create a request, many of these parts can be reused in other MVC applications. These reusable building blocks are chosen by the controller to handle specific processing and display needs.

The model-view-controller architecture also integrates with the JavaScript Framework. This means, MVC applications can be made to work with applications outside web pages, such as PDF documents, site-specific browsers, and desktop widgets. It also supports asynchronous calls to such scripts which results to faster loading.

MVC gives the ability to control the application. Rather than using Viewstate or Postback events to store the state of server controls on the page and to manage invocation of server side events, MVC instead uses different view engines to generate the markup that streams back to the browser client. The advantage here is that one can easily produce more standard markup and have greater control over what will be rendered to the client.

As a way to solve developers issues on time, everyone have been turning to MVC frameworks which promise increased productivity and maintainable code. Thus gaining more momentum in business growth.

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