The Benefits of Using Asp.Net for E-commerce

e-Commerce is the next generation enterprise: In past couple of years we have seen a sudden growth of e-commerce websites in the industry. Particularly in developing countries like India and China this trend has been spreading like a wild fire. Very small e-commerce platforms have been converted into multibillion turn over farm in a very less span of time mostly within three to five years. Experts have already predicted even bigger and brighter future ahead for these e-commerce applications. This is possible because of the door step service of quality materials at a very affordable price to the customer. The elimination of all mediators from the supply chain management, these e-commerce portals are able to provide quality products and services directly from manufacturer to the end user at an affordable price. Considering its future potential, e-commerce web applications are treated as next generation mega mart for the industry.

Hire developer, development services, development IndiaASP .Net can build above all industry standard e-commerce application: When we are considering e-commerce applications, the first thing that strikes to our mind is none other than web development process. Though we can develop web applications in any language like PHP, JSP, ROR or Python etc, but ASP .Net has its unique presence in the industry in developing enterprise standard web applications in a much professional manner. ASP .net is a web framework having all the necessary and additional features to develop industry standard e-commerce portal. As a proficient ASP .Net developer, you must ensure high quality of user experience along with performance of your application to survive in the competitive IT industry. You must adopt all futuristic features so that you can end up with a beautiful output.

ASP .Net provides higher security for all your financial transactions over internet: An e-commerce website can’t be competed unless and until we integrate a third party payment get way to our application. Through these payment get ways, our customers can make online financial transactions with their banks or credit cards to purchase different items for our portal. Hence it becomes even more responsibility for us to provide better security for our customers so that all the financial information can be remain private through industry standard security measures. As a proficient ASP .Net developer, you must integrate 128 bit encryption technology for better security of our users. You can also adopt multi tier security features to avoid any type of loop holes.

ASP .Net developer can design your e-app for better user experience: Now a days, the popularity of smart phones and tablets are going up at an exponential rate. Users love to browse e-commerce apps from these devices for better user experience. Moreover these apps are also enables the user to use them at anytime from anywhere using mobile internets like 2G and 3G services. Fortunately an ASP .Net developer can design enterprise standard smart phone apps for your e-commerce portal without much hassle. You can also offer responsive e-commerce apps to fit into different devices and hence providing optimum user experience. If you are planning to hire developer, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently agile or not!

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The Basics of Developing a Mobile Site in Asp.Net

21st century is highly influenced by mobile devices: Mobile devices were introduced with an aim to connect with each other through mobile calls and SMS before few decades. With time, the functionality and look and shape of mobile devices have been changed in a magical way. Now this devices are not just performs calling or sending sms but they are having a wide range of utility functions within these devices. Mobile phones are now transformed into smart phones because they are much smarter than before. Now these devices can be used for browsing internet, playing multimedia files, capturing wonderful moments of our life and playing graphics intensive games etc. As a result they have received a tremendous popularity from the users throughout the globe. The numbers of smart phones in the industry are growing in a much faster pace and beyond our expectations. Considering its popularity and global presence we can say 21st century is dominated by smart phones.

Hire developer, development services, development IndiaASP .Net for mobile website design: Due to high population of mobile devices including smart phones, web developers are now trying to reach at every user through their website i.e., mobile friendly. This means in order to reach at more number of users the industry must have to adopt mobile web app development methodologies in 21st century. Well Microsoft’s flagship product i.e., asp .net, a web framework is also well equipped with various features and facilities to make the development process transform from ordinary websites to mobile web applications. It provides extensive and adequate supports to the .net developers in building responsive web applications for different screen sizes and mobile devices.

Responsive web design and fluidic design through ASP .Net platform: Though fluidic web design and responsive web design creates confusion among the web developers many times, but there is a thin separation line between them. Fluidic design refers to developing mobile websites with the help of percentage layouts i.e., it displays different components of website according to the screen size of the device. It allows the developer to fix the component’s size and shape as a reference of some percentage value of screen size of the device. On the other hand the latest asp .net developers can develop modern mobile websites in a responsive manner that takes the maximum help of different sensors of the device along with screen size to make the website look much more beautiful and professional than before. It allows the asp .net developers in checking the rotation of the device and accordingly changing the contents of the website to provide better user experience.

Take the help of modern web libraries for better output: Now developers can also take the help of modern and smart web libraries like JQuery, Twitter bootstrap and other plugins that can help them in developing enterprise standard responsive web applications. They can also adopt HTML5 and CSS3 in developing file attractive and interactive web applications for mobile devices. What is more? Web developers can also integrate futuristic features like cloud storage in order to provide enhanced user experience and improved performance for their web applications. If you are planning to hire developer, you must evaluate them to see if they are sufficiently agile or not!

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Few Tips for Secure Development in .Net

While dealing with development of any application it is the responsibility of the software developer to keep the security features at the top level in order to get success for the application or product. It becomes even more essential when we deal with web applications like ASP web development projects; because there is a threat of unethical access of your website which may lead to lose the reputation of your application. To avoid this, as a web developer (ASP .net developer), you must take some necessary security measures to avoid all types of threads related to security.

hire developers, custom .net development company, application development, hire dot net devs, expert dot net developers, development india, .net development, hire dot net programmers, .net developer india, hire devsSQL injection: This is the most common way of hackers to take the access of your database. They use to try to fetch the data from your database using various SQL queries. They usually insert these vulnerable queries into the database through different commands from the browser itself and try to get sensitive data of your application or of your user’s from the database. Though asp .net provides many security features to prevent SQL injection but it’s better to learn what SQL injection is and how it works; before you start programming your application.

Cross Site Scripting: This is yet another way of hacking your website using java script. A hacker can hack you user’s data using this technology. Moreover he can get all your cookies values from your browsers which will enable him to login using your credentials that he had hacked from your cookie and can perform any type of unethical work on behalf of you. You must take care of this issue very seriously because this is a sensitive topic from the developer’s point of view.

Proper Cookie implementation: While you are dealing with modern era web application development, as a asp .net developer you must ensure that you are using the users cookie in a very efficient and sensitive manner; because if these cookie value will be accessed by a hacker then that will definitely create a trouble for your users and hence it will impart a bad user experience for your user. So be careful while dealing with cookie in your application.

Use Session: It is a common development feature that every asp .net developer should take care of. Session is something that enables the user of your application to be in contact with your application through a continuous support from the database. It also enables him to feel like a privileged member of your application. It also isolates your user from others with session in the browser. The best part is it enables the user to access only his private data and hence it keeps other’s data invisible for him.

Server side validation: This is yet another way to prevent unnecessary unethical access of your application. A good ASP .Net web developer must validate all the form data in both front end as well as backend programming. This is because, if someone disables JavaScript on the browser, he can enter any value in the form to your database. So, to avoid this you must ensure your application to be quite secure with two tire security from both frontend and backend. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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Choosing Asp.Net for Developing Your Mobile Site

Why mobile site? Change is the biggest rule of nature and we have to accept it. In every sector there must be a change with the flow of time. In fact, this change creates a positive vibe in our environment. Similarly, in IT sector there is always changes happens to make it more human friendly. Technology depreciates at a rapid pace with time like desktop transformed into mobile computers (smart phones and tablets), desktop applications transformed into modern ERP solutions, Mass storage devices are transformed into virtual cloud etc. Similarly the old fashioned desktop web applications are getting transformed into modern web apps for mobiles which are also known as mobile sites. These mobile sites have a tremendous potential to reach at target audience through a large scale of devices including desktops, tablets and smart phones.

custom .net development company, web development, certified .net developersASP .Net for mobile site development: Well there are many web application development technologies are available in the market like JSP, PHP, Python, ROR and ASP etc. All of them are best in their respective fields and their purposes. JSP is for huge applications that need both efficiency and speed simultaneously. Similarly, PHP is for low cost web application development. But ASP, the flagship product from Microsoft is having a mix up all the features to develop an enterprise standard mobile application. developers can develop mobile website for any purpose in an efficient and effective manner. The framework is having all the modern amenities that a web developer searches for in an enterprise standard framework.

Modern look n feel: An developer can produce a totally new and user friendly web application which can provide great user experience irrespective of platforms and devices. With mobile development, we can have HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery effects in our mobile website. The web developer can develop responsive web application using framework which can fit to any size of screens and resolution. mobile developer can render modern mobile website contents like light weight graphics, canvas and different multimedia files into the mobile website. This provides an enhanced experience to the user within limited resources.

Same efficiency: Though, developers can develop mobile websites which are not only light weight but also low resource extensive in nature but it never compromises on the quality and reliability of the web application. The framework provides all the necessary features which when being used by the web developers never trigger to compromise the quality of the end product. Moreover, an mobile website developer can take the help of asynchronous web pages to create dynamic web applications and thereby improving the overall user experience. Web developers can implement AJAX technology to develop enterprise standard modern web applications for the industry. This improves both productivity and efficiency of the application.

Microsoft has not left any stone unturned: From above, we can conclude that Microsoft has taken all the necessary steps to develop an industry standard framework i.e. ASP .Net for its customers. ASP .Net has all the features that are required to develop an enterprise standard web solution.

You can rely on Microsoft: Well, any product having a brand value of Microsoft doesn’t require any introduction. We can expect a reliable support service for from Microsoft. Moreover there is a billion size community of which can help you out of any unfavourable situation. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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ASP .Net Versions and Their Features

ASP .Net – A framework for web applications from Microsoft: Well Microsoft has already witnessed its extra ordinary talent through different products for different purposes. Windows operating system was the best ever product in the IT industry. With time, technology depreciates. In 21st century, if anything has seen tremendous growth that is none other than web technology. Almost all sectors are depending on the web technology to enhance their quality and reliability service in the industry. Considering the fact, Microsoft released its most ambitious .net framework that is ASP .Net. ASP .Net developers can develop enterprise standard web solutions not only quicker but also efficiently. The first version of ASP .Net framework was released in 2002 for the web developers and it got a tremendous support from around the world of web developer’s community. It had all the features that are required for any good framework. ASP .Net web developers can build enterprise standard web applications in less time and more accuracy. This gave an overnight success to ASP .Net framework. With time, Microsoft modified the features of ASP .Net framework for better usability and it succeeded to a large extent. Let us have a quick look over the features of different versions of ASP .Net framework.

custom .net development company, web development, certified .net developersASP .Net 1.0: This is the first version of ASP .Net framework. It was developed keeping the object oriented programming approach in the mind. It has all the features that any object oriented programming language would have features like inheritance, encapsulation, encryption etc are present in ASP .Net 1.0 version. It also supports reusability concept and polymorphism technology. Moreover data binding and other features are also present in ASP .Net 1.0 framework. This give an awesome platform to all ASP .Net developers to write object oriented web applications using a framework.

ASP .Net 1.1: In ASP .Net 1.1, the dot net developers got a new feature for mobile controls. It was released on 24th April, 2003. This version was come along with windows server 2003 and visual studio .net 2003 version. ASP .Net web developers then got a weapon for developing modern web applications using visual studio 2003. This version of ASP .Net has the facility to automatic input validation for the web forms.

ASP .Net 2.0: It was released on 7th November, 2005 along with visual web developer express edition, visual studio 2005 and the latest SQL server 2005. It has given some significant new features to the web developers or the ASP .Net developers to develop enterprise standard web applications. It has features like formview data control, grid view control, navigation controls, login controls etc. Moreover, .net remoting, XML and SQL server data provider (SQL client) are few other features of this version. To add this, ASP .Net developers also get some new and unique concepts like master pages, personalization services, 64 bit processor supports, complete pre compilation etc which made them more powerful and skilled to develop better websites.

ASP .Net 3.0: It was released on 21st November 2006 with some major feature introductions like windows communication foundation, windows presentation foundation and windows card space etc. Moreover, ASP .Net developers also got some new and improved features like implicit typed local variable, implicitely typed arrays, anonymous types, autoimplimented and lamda expressions to develop better web applications.

ASP .Net 4.0: It has new features like application compatibility and deployment, networking, parallel computing, windows communication foundation and windows workflow foundation to name a few.

ASP .Net 4.5: Here the ASP .Net developers get a portable class libraries and different tools for developing modern web applications. It also enhanced different features of previous versions to accommodate with future demand like parallel computing, windows presentation foundation, windows workflow foundation etc.

ASP .Net 5.0: Here there are few improvements like attribute routing, enum support, bootstrap support, this context etc for the web developers.

From above we see how ASP .Net framework emerged out with time with better feature and more productivity. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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Dot Net- Importance and Demand in IT Market in 2013

The Dot Net framework leads to the creation of an environment which enables programs to run in a language and platform independent manner. It incorporates a vast library and renders support to a number of programming languages that make adequate room for interoperability, since each language is capable of making use of code composed in some other language. The main languages running across this platform are J#.NET, VB.NET and C#.NET. ASP.NET application development constitutes of the technology for development of the web while ADO.NET comprises a group of classes leveraged for database connectivity.

In order to cater to the ever increasing demand in the domain of technologies and programming, Microsoft initiated development across the Dot Net framework during the late 90’s bearing the name NGWS or Next Generation Windows Services. By the end of the year 2000, the initial beta versions of .Net 1.0 were launched. The release of .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 took place almost simultaneously.Dot Net- Importance in IT Market

Instead of compelling developers to make use of any specific programming language, this platform enables developers to create application in any language. The aim is to pave way for globally distributed systems, leveraging XML as the common connector. This facilitates the running of functions across an array of computers within a company or around the globe while operating within a single operation.

This framework renders a common environment for developing, deploying as well as running web applications and services. This architecture can operate across manifold platforms, further rendering portability to the .Net programs. Again the software environment includes a new process for program development which has the capability of changing the manner in which programs are written and executed. This results in improved productivity. The most important constituent of this framework is web services, which indicates the applications which can be utilized across the internet.

Universal data access constitutes another vital concept regarding this technology. Users are capable of accessing the data irrespective of the place where they are located. In case there are two copies of a file, for instance a company computer as well as a personal computer, the version that is less recent is required to be regularly updated. Microsoft has come up with innovative technologies like DCOM, COM+ and COM that ensure reuse of the software. Although these technologies are quite powerful, there are certain issues that often crop up. Because of this, Microsoft felt the need to develop a new technology or framework that would allow easy accomplishment of all the programming tasks.

The technology is in great demand so far as the IT market of 2013 is concerned, because of the plethora of productive and unique applications and features. Let us discuss two of the major benefits in a nutshell:

1. Simultaneous Code Execution: Since this architecture supports side by side code execution, versioning problems can be resolved. Overwriting of any shared component can be avoided by facilitating the installation of multiple versions and running them concurrently across the same computer. In such a case, .Net developers do not need to maintain any kind of backward compatibility since diverse applications can make use of diverse editions of a shared component.

2. Decentralized Component Registration: Issues that crop up due to centralized registration are done away with Dot Net. For component registration, the Registry is not used, but this framework stores information regarding the components and the same is retrieved at runtime straight from the files. When a new component is instantiated by an application, scanning of predefined locations including the application directory takes place. To make available for future use, the information regarding the components is subjected to caching once the component is traced. Such decentralized registration almost does away with chances of application interference.

Thus, by leveraging the .Net platform, developers can make use of integrated tools in order to build web services cost-effectively and quickly. Scalable solutions can be created that are functional across a range of computing devices.

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Best Practices for Improving .NET Application Performance

Every developer frequently looks for innovative ideas to optimize the performance and scalability of his applications. Many developers also want to implement some of the best practices that have already been successfully tried and tested by others. If you are exploring best practices to make your .NET application more powerful, it is a good idea to start reading the performance best practices provided by Microsoft. At the same time, you also need to learn some of the tricks implemented by .NET developers based on different parameters. However, you must choose and use the best practices that complement the type and usage of your application.

Best Practices to Improve .NET Application’s Performance and Scalability

1. Validate Input using Client Side Scripts: The data validation technique used by the developers can boost the performance of the application by reducing the server overload. The .NET framework enables developers to validate all types of user input using a set of service side controls. However, they still have option to validate the input using client side controls in ASP.NET. It is always a good idea to maintain a proper balance between the client side and server side validation controls to process user requests quickly by reducing load on server.DotNET Application Performance

2. Try Not to Throw Exceptions: Most developers use exceptions in both windows and web applications. But the exceptions often consume a huge amount of resources, and results in slowing down the application. They can alternately improve the performance of the application by incorporating try/catch blocks to monitor the control flow. As the try/catch blocks do not use high resources, they can use these again and again in your code. However, the programmer must use exceptions when the application’s performance is lost and the user needs to see some user-friendly error message.

3. Use .Transfer to Redirect to Another Page: The Response.Redirect() method is widely used by programmers to instruct the browser to redirect to another page. But the chatty nature of this function makes it usable only when the users are being transferred to another web server. You can always avoid using additional and unnecessary HTTP requests by using .transfer, while transferring the user within the same sever. Instead of transferring the requests, .transfer will simply shift the focus on your webs server. The reduced number of HTTP requests will put less pressure on the web server, while boosting the speed and efficiency of your application.

4. Disable the Debug Option in Web.Config File: When you create a new .NET application, the debug is by default set as true in web.config. The attribute will be useful for programmers during the web development phase, but the attribute must be changed to false before deploying the web application. If you forget set debug=false in web.config, it will require PDB information to be inserted into the file. The larger size of the file will further slow down your application.

5. Turn Tracing Off: Often developers are required to track the trace and sequence of the application. They use the tracing feature provided by .NET framework to easily monitor trace logging. But when you turn the tracing feature on, it will increase the performance overhead. Also, there are chances that the user might see some of your private information. So you have to turn the tracing feature on only when the application is being analyzed actively. Once the analysis is over, and you are not required to monitor tracing, the options must be turned off before deploying the .NET application.

6. Kill Resources using the Finally Method: You can further optimize the speed of your web application by killing resources like open files and database connections. The killing of these resources will reduce the server overhead, and make your application run faster. Regardless of the outcome of a Block, you can use the finally method independently. So the method can be invoked independently in the code included either in the Try or Catch block.

Each .NET developer can also decide best practices based on his personal experience in writing code. However, a programmer must share the tricks with other members of his team to reduce the normal time required to develop a robust web application.

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