Why Should an ASP.NET Developer Learn Python?

ASP .Net is the flagship product from Microsoft having an excellent track record. With time, technology depreciates and we can’t find a single technology that has ruled the whole history of IT industry. This is because nothing is perfect in the world and everything comes with some disadvantage. Though ASP .Net is a magnificent piece but it has few limitations that make it second choice in many circumstances. We have seen many ASP .Net developers transitioning to work in Python due to its unmatched quality and reliability. Well, learning a better technology is always welcomed in IT industry and so the case for Python as well. In this topic, we will discuss few factors that trigger ASP.Net developers to learn Python in order to serve the industry in a better manner.

why should an asp.net developer learn PythonPython is more powerful than ASP .Net: Python is well recognised in the industry as a powerful technology. The huge inbuilt resources make it so efficient that it will return extraordinary millage to the end product. The inbuilt resources are highly optimised and compatible enough to create high speed software applications. No matter which size of application you are going to develop, we can simply rely on Python.

Python is more popular than ASP .Net: Well Python is an old language and was in a dormant stage for more than a decade. With Google’s ambitious project i.e., unladen swallow, it gained not only performance but also popularity in the industry. A recent survey has revealed that the popularity of Python is higher than that of all time enterprise leader java. In that survey the number of entries for Python was simply beyond everyone’s imagination. This indicates the true popularity of Python in the industry and this is possible only due to the performance and reliability of this technology.

Python can handle any type of application: If you are an ASP. Net developer you must admit that your capability is limited within the web domain. On the contrary, Python has no such limit rather it can be used for a wide range of domains. Python can be used for desktop application development, hardware programming, game development and web development etc. Hence you have the option to work in any domain as per the requirement and wish. The best part is due to availability of extensive resources, the output of Python is always outstanding. Hence ASP .Net developers should also learn Python in order to serve the industry in a better manner.

Productivity will be more and cost of maintenance will be reduced: Python developers usually write less code as compared to asp .net developers. This is because of presence of a large number of inbuilt functions and classes within the technology that will definitely lessen the effort of the Python developer to a large extent. Hence, the time of development will also reduce and so the productivity will increase. Moreover Python encourages developers to write better readable and maintainable codes. This will definitely help in debugging the application in future and hence the maintenance cost of the project will decrease.

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Asp.Net Best Practices for Novice Developers

Why ASP .Net? A web developer understands the importance of a framework. Framework is something that helps in quick development process without compromising on quality of the end product. In fact, frameworks provide enough scope for the developer to take the advantage of modern features and industry standard security features in their application. Well ASP .Net is a web framework from Microsoft for .net developers. We all know the quality that Microsoft provides to the industry through its various outstanding products from its inception. ASP .Net is yet another wing to Microsoft’s success list. It provides adequate scope to ASP .Net developer in developing enterprising standard web applications in less time and effort. Today we will discuss few must know best practices of ASP .Net that can help any web developer in developing brilliant web application.

asp.net developers, outsource ASP.Net DevelopmentNaming convention is the first thing to consider: The best practices list starts with naming convention. This is the most important and basic thing that a developer must adopt. It makes him developing professional codes on ASP .Net platform. An ASP .Net developer must use an uniform naming convention for different components of a web programme like data type, class name, variable name, method name etc. He must prepare a document for the same so that he can follow it throughout the development process. Moreover when a new developer is projected to the development process, he can write the same professional codes on the IDE. It will definitely help in preparing well readable and maintainable code.

Proper Validation check: After naming convention, validation comes to the list. While an ASP .Net developer dealing with a web development project he usually finds many forms and fields in the application. These fields should be properly validated by the developer so that we can enter only correct data to the data base from the user interface. For example if there is a field for mobile number then we must check for only numeric value in the field. Along with that we should also check the number of numeric data entered into the field. Moreover we should also validate the field in backend programming. This is because to avoid any unethical access from hackers who can disable java script on the frontend.

Use of cache for performance: An ASP .Net developer should be aware of cache management. Cache memory is something that keeps some important user data like session value and few other important data so that the user can be given an improved user experience. On the other hand it also helps in avoiding unnecessary communication with the server making the application optimised.

Top level Security standards to be adopted: Security matters a lot in today’s life. We must ensure that our user is under a secure environment and his data can’t be accessed by anyone else. For the same ASP .Net developers can use 128 bit encryption technology for secure database connection. Moreover they can also implement multi tier security measures in the application for better security.

Adopt master page concept for professional look n feel: This is a new generation concept and we should adopt it. Through master page, a web application can get a uniform and professional look throughout the pages i.e., all the pages look similar and professional to the end user.

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Should You Go Ahead with ASP.Net MVC for Your Enterprise Project?

ASP.NET MVC is basically an open source web application framework that is designed to implement the MVC or model-view-controller pattern. When it comes to setting up enterprise projects, ASP.NET MVC is an excellent option. Though JavaScript is generally used for setting up simple things, JavaScript is mainly considered as a utility language, whose applications are mainly driven from server-side.

custom .net development company, asp.net application development, asp.net developersOf late, it has been quite a trend to migrate the web application code to the client side from the server side in order to meet the expectations of the users for responsive as well as fluid UX. This, understandably, has given rise to a lot of skepticism and this is where the framework has scored over the other frameworks. In other words, this particular MVC framework is always a good option for an enterprise project just to counter this phenomenon. Let us look into some of the principles that make it such a good choice.

Firstly, the code base in .NET can easily be managed without any hiccup whatsoever. This is because this helps the developers to take concrete decisions regarding the class boundaries and helps them in pinpointing the places where the classes can actually be placed within the project in question. It does not come up with classes. Naturally, there is no question of getting bogged down with extra responsibilities.

It comes up with repositories that are reusable, and entities or models, queries, as well as data sources. Classes and files can be named with some logics and thoughts, to ensure that they are more consequential as well as meaningful. It also helps in the practice of good and justified use of various patterns of designs, conventions of coding and coding organization.

Also, the model-view-controller normally uses Web Optimization, jQuery, Modernizr, Bootstrap, along with others. However, if they are not needed, it also provides the choice of starting off with any empty project and then adding the MVC scaffolding – a fact that helps a lot in innovations within the framework of development. Besides, the technique also delivers a project that is more nimble in spite of the presence of a number of references that are more or less useless.

Let us look into the advantages of using the ASP.NET MVC framework in an enterprise project from a bird’s eye view.

Separation of Concerns (SoC): This is one of the most striking advantages of using this framework. In fact, it is the core advantage of the framework, wherein it proves a seamless and absolutely clean separation of Business logic, Model/Data, UI.

Increased Control: This particular framework provides much better control over your CSS, JavaScript, or the HTML than what is possible in case of the other traditional or conventional webForms.

Increased Testability: The framework provides much improved testability for the web application along with a much better support when it comes to various test-driven developments as well.

It is lightweight: This particular framework does not use View State. This helps it to successfully reduce the bandwidths of the requests to a considerable extent.

Most importantly, one of the basic privileges of using this MVC is that the framework is entirely built as well as based on ASP.Net Framework. Therefore, a majority of its features can be used – a fact that makes the framework so much adored when it comes to developing enterprise projects.

Besides, it is also based on a MVC design pattern that is proven as well as time tested. Also, with the introduction of SIlverlight, it is now possible to perform client caching. With the integration of Silverlight, the applications can load much faster and a few of the processing can even be performed within the web browsers. Client side execution along with the server side application is faster as well, and integration of jQuery with this MVC makes it better as well as easier for the developers to write code that are meant to run or execute in the browser, thereby taking the load away from the server by a considerable extent. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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ASP dotNet as a Good Facilitator for Mobile App Development

The mobile websites and mobile apps have become an integral part of modern lifestyle by users to access the required data at any place and any time. The huge popularity of mobile app also encourages many experienced web developers to acquire new knowledge and skills. However, the web developers still have option to create robust mobile apps by using an interoperable and platform-neutral technology like ASP.Net. ASP.Net comes with a number of features that make it a good facilitator for mobile application development.

Features that Make ASP.Net a Good Facilitator for Mobile App Development

Mobile Controls

ASPNet as a good facilitator for mobile app developmentThe ASP.Net programmers have option to create robust mobile app by using a wide range of mobile controls. Along with acting as the building block for creating mobile applications, the mobile controls further provide the required capabilities to the programmers. The developers can access equivalent Mobile Controls for each WML tag. However, some of these tags can be used to beyond the WML tags. For instance, the developers can create Calendar Mobile Control that is not available in WML.

ASP.Net Mobile Detection Properties

ASP.Net is designed with features to determine the device used by a client while making a request to the web server. The feature helps programmers in differentiating the content delivered by the app according to the type of device. The httpRequest.Browser.IsMobileDevice property of ASP.Net helps the application in detecting the device and delivering relevant content. The Browser object can further use properties like MobileDeviceModel and MobileDeviceManufacturer to gather additional information about the physical device. The active community of .NET developers has also designed several projects that make it easier for the ASP.Net application to accurately detect a device and get the information required to deliver the most relevant content.

Validation Control

While creating mobile app with ASP.Net, the programmers can use five validation controls to check the user’s input. Whenever a form is selected, the validation controls will check the user’s input, and will send the page back to the client’s device in case the input fails to pass these validation controls. Based on the nature of the validation, programmers can use CompareValidator, CustomValidator, RangeValidator, RegularExpressionValidator or RequiredFieldValidator. Also, they can use the ValidationSummary to summarize and view the validations that occurred. On the whole, these validation controls make help developers in optimizing the security of their mobile apps by checking the user’s input thoroughly.

Mobile Project Template

The ASP.Net programmers also have option to use the Mobile Application project template to create sites specifically for mobile and tablet browsers. The feature is designed based on jQuery Mobile, the open source library that is used widely for creating ouch-optimized UIs. Despite sporting an application structure identical to the Internet Application template, the template powered by jQuery Mobile is effective in optimizing the application’s look and feel for touch-based mobile devices. At the same time, the ASP.NET MVC4 display modes can be used to detect the requesting mobile device, and render several views according to the device’s screen size, browser support and internet connectivity. The programmer can further add custom display modes to render specific view by detecting specific mobile devices.

Support for HTML5 Form Types

Within a short span of time, HTML5 has become an integral part of cross-platform mobile application development. The web developers can combine HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to create sophisticated apps that run on multiple devices. ASP.Net 4.5 makes it easier for them to create mobile apps by supporting several HTML5 form types. The programmers can use the support to easily access a number of nee controls in HTML5 including email, search, URL, number, range and date pickers.

Microsoft recently announced .NET vNext with several mobile-first and cloud-first development options. The next major release of ASP.Net also comes with a number of features to facilitate mobile app development. Along with allowing developers to quickly build robust mobile apps, these features further help them in optimizing the application’s overall performance. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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List of 20 Third Party Controls For dotNet Applications

Through .NET controls, developers are enabled in the building of applications that contain intuitive user interfaces; also productivity is enhanced. Visual Studio comes with some standard control sets. However there are numerous controls that have a huge range of innovative features in the third party suites and these can be used for development of applications for portable mobile devices as well as PC. Among the several controls available, here is the list of 20 popular third party controls that developers use.

List of 20 third party controls for Net applicationsDevExpress Universal- This is claimed to be one of the most feature rich and powerful control suites available in the market. Whether you want to build analytics dashboards centred on data or office-inspired applications, this programming library can help you in all respects.

Telerik Dev Craft Ultimate- DevCraft allows twice as fast app building with its comprehensive toolbox. It has more than 420 UI controls, JustCode for faster coding and in-built testing framework to simplify unit testing.

Intersoft premier Studio- This is claimed to be the ultimate among .NET development toolsets. It can deliver 400 components over 7 platforms. It even contains a revolutionary cross-platform toolset called Crosslight 2 which is perfect for Windows, iOS and Android. Other than that there are ASP.NET enhancements along with powerful Silverlight that reports designers and viewer.

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise- It is a combination of 8 of their most famous platform studios which helps deliver responsive, rich web as well as desktop applications under budget as well as on time. The controls range from Complex data visualization to UI as well as platforms that include ASP.NET, WinForms, WinRT as well as WPF.

Aspose.Total for .NET- This compiles all components that Aspose offers. It is in fact compiled regularly so that the most recent versions of all their .NET components are contained.

Nevron Vision for .NET- It offers a comprehensive set of various components that build enterprise-grade data visualization applications targeting both desktop as well as web. It features coherent 3D as well as 2D data visualization effects.

Karamasoft UISuite- One pack contains every ASP.NET component, VB as well as C# applications along with their source code and native builds in .NET 2.0, 2.5, 1.1 and 4.0. It is also Visual Studio optimized as well as Ajax enabled.

Telerik RadControls – It contains a complete set of controls and features, 20 in-built professional grade skins, mobile responsiveness as well as support, exception user experience as well as performance, etc.

Mindscape megapack- Subscribing the Mega Pack means each Mindscape product along with its update is made available for 12 months with even added new product lines free of cost. It contains Silverlight controls, WPF controls, NHibernate Designer, Windows Phone 7 Controls, Web Developer Tools, etc.

Peter Blum Data Entry Suite- More than 100 web controls are contained by it, which are designed about data entry. Improved user communication as well as data entry is controlled by it.

Essential Studio- For mobile as well as web development there are more than 70 ASP.NET MVC controls which help target the latest mobile devices as well as tablets with touch support.

DevExpress – The more than 95 ASP.NET libraries and WebForm Control help in building the best apps without compromising or limits.

Infragistics NetAdvantage – Its lightweight ASP.NET control helps in the building of beautiful apps that give great performance.

WebUI Studio 2014- It features the newest web standard supports like CSS3 and HTML5 across every 40+ components that allow you to build great business web applications that can run on popular devices as well as browsers.

Gaia Ajax- The 40 UI Control helps you manage many aspects. Fewer bugs can be experienced along with support extended for Visual studio 2010 and 2012, 20 animations or effects, 10 behaviours or aspects.

The other 5 most popular third party controls are Kendo UI web, LiveControls- AJAX toolkit for ASP.NET, EmailVerify.NET, Visual Studio 2013 Toolbox Control and RapidSpell for .NET. In essence, there are some major players in this industry. All of them provide a broad range of options for you to select from. Carefully consider each before you set out to use them. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a certified ASP.NET development company.

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The Difference between ASP dotNet and Open Source Platforms

Nowadays, a developer has option to choose from several server-side web application frameworks. Some developers opt for popular open source technologies like PHP to reduce the project cost, whereas others opt for commercial platforms to avail additional features and benefits. Despite being a commercial platform, ASP.Net is being used widely by programmers to rapidly develop dynamic websites. However, each developer must compare ASP.Net with some other open source web development technologies based on the specific needs of the internet application development project.

Key Differences between ASP.NET and Other Open Source Internet Technologies


The difference between ASPThe performance of a web application depends on the interaction between the script, database and web server. The ASP.Net developers have option to choose from several databases including MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL). However, the ASP.NET+MSSQL stack needs to be optimized to improve the performance of the web application. On the other hand, open source technologies like PHP use the LAMP stack that comprises Linux (OS), Apache (server), MySQL (database) and PHP (scripting language).


ASP.Net is more scalable than some of the open source web technologies. The highly scalable nature of the framework makes it suitable for building dynamic and high-traffic internet applications. ASP.Net is also used to build the popular social networking platform MySpace. However, the developers are required to scale the application according to the size of the traffic.

Support for Programming Languages

In comparison to other open source frameworks, ASP.Net supports more programming language. The ASP.Net developers have option to write code in C#, VB.Net, Ruby, Python and PHP. They also have option to use other programming languages compatible with .NET platform. Thus, a programmer can switch to ASP.Net without learning a new programming language.

Support for Multiple Platforms

You have option to use some of the open source implementations of Microsoft’s .NET Frameworks. But ASP.Net applications are designed primarily by targeting the Windows operating system. Microsoft has further integrated the .NET framework into its operating system to facilitate ASP.Net application development and deployment. At the same time, the applications developed using open source web technologies like PHP can target multiple operating systems including Microsoft Windows.

Development Tools and Editors

ASP.Net is supported by several IDEs and frameworks. The ASP.Net developers can further use Microsoft Visual Studio to build rich internet applications without writing longer lines of code. In addition to being feature-rich and powerful, Microsoft Visual Studio is more flexible than other open source IDEs. However, you have to incur additional expensed to avail the features of Visual Studio. On the other hand, there are option to choose from a variety of open source IDEs and editors for PHP application development.

Ease of Deployment

ASP.Net requires the code to be compiled each time any changes are made into it. Also, the developers are required to write additional lines of code to accomplish complex features and functionality. Thus, ASP.Net applications need more time to get deployed properly. But the open source technologies enable developers to deploy the web application quickly without writing any additional code.


Unlike other open source scripting languages, ASP.Net lacks the support of a large and active community of developers. In addition to contributing towards the development of the open source scripting language, the huge community of developers is also helpful to beginners. However, you will find many online discussion forums and developer boards created by ASP.NET enthusiasts. The beginners can visit these online developer boards to avail the required assistance.

Within a very short span of time, Microsoft has already open sourced several .Net programming languages and developer frameworks. Recently, the company revealed its plan to launch a new .Net Foundation to manage the open sourced technologies. With Microsoft outsourcing more and more .Net technologies, the web developers can now use ASP.Net without inflating the overall project overheads. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a certified .net development company.

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Features of ASP dotNET vNext and MVC 6 that you will love

Recently, 12th May saw Microsoft announcing ASP.NET’s next generation which is known as ASP.NET vNext and it incorporates cloud optimized versions of Entity Framework7, SignalR3, Web Pages, Web API and MVC6. This framework is composable as well as lean, making it perfect for building of cloud as well as web applications. It is totally open source; currently it is in preview mode. MVC 6 is a part of this initiative which is a fundamental representation of the way web frameworks are constructed as well as deployed.

Features of ASPNET vNext and MVC 6 that you will loveWeb Pages, MVC as well as Web API have been integrated under a single framework. Between these three a common programming approach is followed which is a single programming model for services as well as web sites. This framework is known as MVC 6; some features are given here.

Features of ASP.NET vNext and MVC6

  • There is a new project extension called project.json which helps list all application dependencies along with startup class instead of Global.asax.
  • MVC, SignalR, Entity Framework, Web Pages and Web API come in new versions which are cloud-optimized.
  • This cross platform is open source; it may run on Linux, Mono and Mac.
  • The platform can use Roslyn compiler for dynamic compiling of code which will allow the developers to edit code file; the changes can be seen whenever the browser is refreshed. There is no need for rebuilding or stopping of the project.
  • The framework has built-in dependency injection. Dependencies can be registered by using the preferred IoC container.
  • Proper side-by-side deployment is supported by it. If cloud-optimized subset of NET vNext is used by the app, then all the dependencies can be deployed through uploading of bin to environment hosting. This helps you update the app without other applications being affected on the very same server.
  • This version is host agnostic, allowing the hosting of apps in IIS or in custom process self-hosting can be done.
  • According to design, the apps are actually cloud ready. The behaviour of services like caching as well as session state will be adjusted according to hosting environment- traditional hosting or cloud environment. Dependency injection is used behind the scenes so that the app can be provided with correct implementation for such services for traditional hosting or cloud environment. This will allow easy movement of apps to cloud from on-premises, since there is no need for changing of codes. Cloud Optimized Framework allows you to include copies of Core or even Mono CLR with the website. There is no need for upgrading .NET on the whole machine just for a single website. Different variations of CLR can be had for varying websites that run side by side.
  • System.Web and MVC 6 are not dependent on each other. Roughly 30K memory is consumed by a normal HttpContext object graph per request; when you work with small JSON-style requests, the entire process becomes very costly. MVC6 reduces it roughly to 2K. This results in leaner framework with lower memory consumption and faster start-up time.
  • There is no actual building in the build process. There is no generation of binaries, thus the type checker is merely run so that there are no warnings or errors for addressing. Instead compiling of the code is done in an as-required basis or on the fly. This allows faster iterations, especially for large websites.
  • In this model, there is no referencing of individual libraries by the projects. Instead NuGet Packages are referenced. These may contain several versions of library which are divided by the target platform. This can be leveraged during runtime so that it may be decided which of the following options- Mono, Core CLR or Full .NET version of the given library has to be loaded.

Currently the preview version is available which seems to be quite promising for developers. There are other available features to help them as well which are expected to make the entire process enjoyable. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a certified asp.net application development company.

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