Advantages of Using Asp.Net over Other Web Application Frameworks

Understanding the importance of the web industry, there are many web frameworks get born for technologies like PHP, ASP, JSP and RoR, etc.; but, all are not supposed to be as useful as ASP .NET and it is obvious. ASP .NET the flagship and most ambitious product from Microsoft has some inborn features and potential that makes it stand firmly in the industry without any bother. Moreover, the continuous enhancements have made it possible to rule the web industry for more than a decade by providing most accurate solution to each and every industry demand. Let’s find out few major advantages of using ASP .NET over other frameworks.

Advantages of using ASP. NET over other web application frameworksEase of use: This is the first thing that any web developer will consider! Ease of use means “minimal effort for maximum productivity”. Microsoft has made it possible with its highly organized and efficient core logic, i.e. residing within the framework. In fact, the user interface of ASP .NET framework is quite attractive and impressive. Components are placed at proper places that can be well navigated by the ASP .NET developer without spending more time for learning and getting acquainted with the framework. There are many small buttons embedded on the top of the framework that can help the developer in different proposes like debugging, indentation, testing and break-point analysis etc. With a single click, the ASP .NET developer can change the whole look of the programme with proper indentation and elimination of blank spaces or white spaces from the code. Similarly the framework enables the developer to analyse the flow of different arguments by setting break-point in the code and accordingly observing the effect of that segment of code. Though, these features are also available with other web frameworks in the industry, but the whole package that Microsoft provides is way better than its counterparts.

Modularity is highly emphasized: Over time and consistent focus to build highly optimised and efficient web application, the concept of modularity came into the picture before few years. Modularity is the degree to which application components can be separated or recombined. It enables different modules to work together for a common purpose of the application. It is highly influenced by the resource reusability and extensibility concepts. With the ASP .NET framework, web developers are highly encouraged to build large scale web applications with the new era “Agile methodology”. Agile methodology is something that enables an application to move on the production stage in a gradual manner without waiting for the whole product to be developed at the cost of more time and more investment. It makes the web application to start its productivity from the very beginning and over time, it gets larger and refined as per the response and demands of the users. ASP .NET enables its web developers to integrate different modules and plug-ins to enhance the effect of any website over time making the whole process an Agile style. The .NET developer can add more features to their application with integration of new modules and plug-ins without creating any inconsistency within the application and hence increasing the productivity of the web application.

Scalable application can be well handled with ASP .NET: Scalability is the capability of any framework to handle the increasing complexity of any web application. As we discussed before ASP .NET provides adequate room for the Agile methodology, it is obvious to find the application to be getting increased in size over time. Now, it is the duty of the framework to manage the increasing complexity of the application. How the different modules will act together for a common purpose? How the new plug-in or module will not impact the existing one? And how to handle both the code written by the developer and that of the third party resources without any conflict within the application are the major challenges for any framework. In this scenario, Microsoft’s ASP .NET framework stands above all other web frameworks due to its accurate design pattern developed by the core expert team of ASP .NET.

Customization at its par: In the challenging environment, it is really tough to make your web application stand ahead of the crowd; because all are competent and having a common focus to increase the footprints for their application. An expert ASP .NET developer is given enough scope to customise his web application with all modern amenities like event driven web page development, Asynchronous web page creation and highly interactive user-web communication, etc for any web application. The web developer can also take the benefit of modern scripting languages like HTML5, JQuery and CSS3 etc. to make the website even more gorgeous than others. It also enables the web developer to integrate third party reliable JQuery plug-ins for outstanding visual effects and attractive look n feel. Microsoft has not left any stone unturned, which can be easily understood from its latest version that is having in-built bootstrap library that enables the web developer in crafting awesome responsive web applications that can fit with any screen size.

Hassle free web application development for all types of needs: Unlike other frameworks that are having many limitations regarding the implementation of the application, i.e., specific to few domains or purposes, Microsoft has kept it absolutely open for any type of application that may be the requirement of the client. In fact, it enables the ASP .NET developer to design and develop cross platform compatible web applications for Windows and MAC operating system. Unlike any other web framework that are limited to specific web applications like blogging, content driven web application or e-commerce web application, an ASP .NET web developer can build all types of web applications as when required by the developer with utmost efficiency and optimisation.

MVC architecture with advanced features: Though, there are many web frameworks developed under MVC Architecture but Microsoft provides best in the industry framework Architecture to handle all types of complex situations without any hassle. In Microsoft, the MVC Architecture is redefined and reconfigured to provide the best in the industry standard model view controller based web framework.

Future ready: ASP .NET framework provides some unexpected features like cross platform smart app development environment; cross browser compatible web app development circumstances etc. that makes the .NET developer to create different type of applications for several platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows. It has inbuilt simulators available to realise the exact working of the web app during the development process so that the productivity of the smart app developer can be increased significantly. As a result, it makes the whole ecosystem, not only future ready but also user centric, which makes it the first choice in the industry over other web frameworks.

Mindfire has rich experience in developing ASP.NET large-scale web applications and high-performance ASP.NET websites. Our ASP.NET Team members are Microsoft MCTS certified or MVC Certified and are abreast with the latest developments in this area.


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