Asp.Net Vnext – How Reliable Is the Framework?

Microsoft has a new framework on its sleeves – ASP.Net vNext. However, moving to this framework is not supposed to be as radical as moving to the original .NET framework. What the developers need to know is that all the existing codes will not be compatible with the new one. This framework is designed in such a way that it is ideal to be applied to Windows, Mac and Linux systems. This has lead to the amassing of huge popularity with the developers. In addition Microsoft has planned ASP.NET vNext as an open source framework that is effective as well. With the new change in place it is expected to be more streamlined and thus, offer more reliability and clarity for the developers to work upon.

.net web development, application development, expert developersVisual Studio Changes: One of the most noticeable changes is that while debugging is on the Visual Studio displays how long each method will actually take to execute. This information is quite important for the developers. Thus, after much waiting the developers have been finally rewarded with a support that helps them in refactoring.

Besides the change in the Visual Studio, there is the Roslyn compiler that comes with an API. This feature allows the external tools in the process of compilation. Although you might not be able to use this tool directly but a feedback about the code will definitely be helpful. Besides this, the new compiler has a lot to offer. One of the USPs is that it has become easier to rename a member name or a variable in the Visual Studio. This can now be done where the name has been used. There is no need to rely on the declaration only. The new framework also includes several new features for the languages as well. The continuation character will be appearing lesser while developing the strings for the multiple lines.

According to the Roslyn team the latest compiler will be able to build new codes while it generates faster codes. These features have been included to ensure that there is more amount of reliability for the development process. Previously, while the debugging was on certain extra time was required as the build time. But with Roslyn at work such extra times are not required anymore. As you press the keys the system will start running with immediate effect.

Web Forms are not included: It isn’t for the first time that the ASP.NET developers have witnessed such changes. New changes have been introduced since ASP.NET MVC first came into existence. In this newest version the web forms have been given a miss. However, the Web form development will continue to receive support from the Visual Studio. For the PHP developers there are the Web Pages. It makes use of an architecture that is similar to that of the MVC applications and services.

Refresh and work. No need of build: Another advantage of this framework is that there is no need to use IIS Express for testing the web apps. There is a ‘ready to run’ feature that allows the developers to tests their codes in the Visual Studio. They can then go back to the browser, refresh the existing page and see whether the change is working fine. Such features actually work perfectly for the developers as these helps in speeding up the developing process.

Runs fine even with less memory: The ASP.NET vNext enables the apps to run faster even when there is lack of memory. This happens particularly when you are running an app in the cloud where the memory consumption capacity for a general app has been reduced significantly. There are sets of NuGet packages that are found in the runtime environment for the web apps. These can be added as many as possible or even fewer as per the requirement.

No deployment issues with the Applications: The applications present in the Production Server do not face any kind of deployment troubles. These are in no way affected by the patch level of Server’s Framework. There are NuGet packages to take care of the issue. Therefore, even when the server changes, there is no impact on the applications.

With such features, the ASP.NET vNext is quite recommended as a reliable and faster framework to work with. Hopefully in the coming days more features might be introduced to make it more relevant and useful for the developers. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net web development company.

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Why Use DotNet for Web Developers?

Microsoft .Net framework is being used by businesses across the world for developing mission critical and enterprise applications. Microsoft further frequently updates the platform to facilitate rapid web development. The programmers can rely on .Net framework to create a wide variety of websites, internet application and web services within a shorter span of time. At the same time, they also have option to write code in any of the languages supported by the framework. There are also a number of factors that make .Net one of the most reliable rapid web development frameworks.

Why.Net is the One of the Most Reliable Frameworks for Web Development?

custom .net development company, dot net application development services, hire dot net developersSimpler Development: The .Net framework comes with loads of features to simplify the development of websites, web applications and web services. It further simplifies the debugging process by supporting the Runtime diagnostics. The programmers also have option to keep the business logic and presentation separate. The application logic indicates the actual code, whereas the presentation logic represents the design code. So it becomes easier for them to maintain and modify all controls.

Benefits of ASP.Net: .Net framework further allows developers to use ASP.Net for creating websites, web applications and web services. The rapid web development framework simplifies web development by enabling developers to use user controls and custom controls. As .Net framework is object-oriented, the developers can create custom controls simply by deriving base classes from System.Web.UI.Page. The developers can use ASP.Net to create dynamic web pages without writing longer lines of code.

Compatible with Multiple Programming Languages: Each programmer wants to write web applications in his favorite language to reduce the coding time and effort. Unlike other software frameworks, Microsoft .Net is language-independent. It allows developers to write code in a variety of programming languages including C# and VB.Net. Also, the .NET class library extends the compatibility and functionality of these .Net languages. So the web developers have option to accomplish complex tasks by writing code in a programming language they are familiar with.

Ease of Deployment and Maintenance: To deliver riche user experience, enterprise web applications must be updated at frequent intervals. Further, the businesses have to ensure that the applications are deployed and maintained properly. The .Net framework simplifies the development, deployment and maintenance of websites through components. The developers can simply load the components required by the application to complete the deployment and maintenance. Before launching the web application, .Net verifies if all its aspects are loaded properly.

Comprehensive Security: The software framework further comes with several inbuilt features to optimize the security of websites and internet applications. .Net further allows programmers to specify different security levels through HTTP, XML, SOAP and TCP/IP. The framework further works seamlessly with a wide range of network security devices. So the business can use the right network security devices to increase the security of distributed computing. The security of the applications can be further increase through Windows configuration and confirmation.

Facilitates Rapid Web Development: Many enterprises even use Microsoft .Net as a powerful web development framework. The programmers also have option to use ASP.Net to create complex and large applications rapidly. They can further use Visual Studio.Net to create internet applications and web services without writing lengthy code. The WYSIWYG editor enables developers to create websites simply by selecting and dragging controls. Further, the programmers have option to write code in any language compatible with common language runtime (CLR). So the software framework helps developers to creating a wide variety of websites and internet applications within a shorter span of time.

Microsoft updates the .Net framework platform at regular intervals to optimize its web development capacity. So the developers can use the most recent version of the framework to curtail the overall time and efforts required for creating large and complex internet applications. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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