What to Consider while Hiring a Remote ASP dotNet Developer?

Nowadays, many companies hire remote ASP.NET developers to curtail project overheads. In addition to reducing the overall project cost, the remove programmers further make it easier for enterprises to increase or decrease the size of the remote team. An organization also has option to hire a remote ASP.NET programmer either on a fulltime or part-time basis. You can use any online search engine to gather information about dedicated programmers for your ASP.NET project. However, you must consider some simple points to distinguish between the good hires and bad hires.

Points to Consider while Hiring a Remote ASP.Net Programmer

Major Outsourcing Principles

What to consider while hiring a remote ASPNet developerAs noted earlier, you can reap several benefits by hiring a remote ASP.NET developer. However, it is also important to understand the major principles to effectuate his selection. You must hire a remote programmer who can complete the project within a stipulated and predefines timeframe, while delivering high product quality and curtailing the overall project cost. Once you define your objectives, it will be easier for you to interview the remote web programmers.

Shortlist the ASP.NET Programmers

You have to put both time and efforts to hire the right web developer. Like other companies, you can even consider availing the assistance of an IT out-staffing company to interview some of the best ASP.NET developers. However, it is important to hire a programmer who has the skills, expertise and tools required specifically by your project. You can always shortlist the remote programmers by evaluating the projects developed by them in past.

Clearly Define the Project Goals

You must remember that developers residing in certain countries do not speak English. So you have to communicate with them by overcoming the language barrier. So you must explain the features and goals of your projects to the remote developer in a clear and unambiguous way. As a specific feature can be implemented in a number of ways, the programmer has to implement it by keeping in mind the ultimate objective it serves. You can effectively evaluate the skills of the remote ASP.NET developer by explain the goals and features of the project clearly.

Assess the Skills and Experience Relevant for Your Project

While comparing the portfolios and CVs of different remote programmers, you will find many developers who created a variety of ASP.NET applications. So you must concentrate on the skills and experience of the programmers that are relevant for your project. For instance, if you are planning to build a financial application, it is important to check if the ASP.NET developer has developed similar apps. It is also a good idea to ask the developers to pass a test that includes important questions related to your project.

Know the ASP.NET Application Development Process

Each ASP.NET developer has option to choose from several programming languages, frameworks and tools. So you need to understand the programmer’s choice of programming language and development tools. You can even ask him to explain why he chooses the language or tools for your project. There are always chances that difference of opinion may arise in future on these options. So it is a good idea to make the programmer explain the options that will help him in completing your project on time and budget.

Evaluate Communication Options

Along with knowing the skills, experience and strong points of the remote programmer, you also need to decide how to stay connected with him. You can interact with him continuously during the initiate stages to build a professional relationship. Also, you have to explain him how to coordinate and cooperate with your in-house team. The constant and uninterrupted communication is essential to monitor the progress of your ASP.NET project. It is also a good idea to schedule regular video calls to facilitate communication between your in-house and remote web developers.

You can always consider hiring a fulltime ASP.NET programmer to avail his assistance for several projects. The remote ASP.NET developer can be further retained for your future web development projects. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a custom .net development company.

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