Why is ASP dotNET with MVC framework better than ASP dotNET?

The web developers across the world use ASP.NET to build dynamic websites and web applications by availing the benefits of Common Language Runtime (CLR). CLR enables programmers to write code using programming language they are familiar with. Further, the ASP.NET developers have option to choose from two distinct models, i.e., Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC. As an architectural pattern Model-View-Controller (MVC) is used by some of the widely using programming languages including Java.

Why is ASPNet with MVC framework better than ASPNetThus, Microsoft has designed the model to complement the most recent trends in web development. Under this pattern, the business rules are handled by Model, and remain independent of logic and data. The user interaction and input logic are handled by Controller, whereas the View represents the model data output. The web programmers can avail a number of additional features by using ASP.NET MVC instead of conventional ASP.NET.

Why ASP.NET MVC Scores over ASP.NET?

1. A Common Controller: ASP.NET renders page layout by using the Page controller pattern. The pattern requires each page to have its own controller or code behind file. But ASP.NET MVS processes client requests through Front Controller approach. Thus, a single controller can be used for all pages and processing all requests. The common controller further makes it easier for developers to optimize the web application by using a rich routing infrastructure.

2. Separation of Business Logic and Presentation: As each ASP.NET page has its own controller or code behind files, it must be coupled tightly with the code behind file, i.e., .cs, .vb or .aspx. So the programmers do not have any scope the keep the business rules and presentation separate. So many developer use ASP.NET MVC to make the logic and data independent of business rules.

3. Cleaner Output: While creating Web Forms applications, developers use view state to achieve stateful behavior of the application. The excessively large view state often increases the size of a web page, and hence create problem for the developers. But the stateless nature of ASP.NET MVC does not require programmers to use the concept of view state. The absence of view state in ASP.NET MVC further contributes towards generating cleaner output.

4. Facilitates Test-Driven Development: The tight coupling of web pages and their respective code behind files makes it difficult for developers to automate the internet application testing. But ASP.NET MVC makes test automation simpler by keeping business rules separate from data and presentation. The feature further makes it easier for enterprises to adopt test-driven development approach by writing test scripts for individual modules.

5. Complete Control over HTML, JavaScript and CSS: ASP.NET developers have option to use server-side controls to reduce their dependence on HTML, JavaScript and CSS. So the developers are not required to have in-depth knowledge of the widely used web technologies to build Web Form applications. The server-side controls restrict the control developers have over HTML, JavaScript and CSS. On the other hand, the ASP.NET MVC requires programmers to know HTML, JavaScript and CSS in detail. Further, the developer can have complete control over the code written using these web technologies.

6. Easy to Divide Complex Projects: ASP.NET was designed with features to complement the needs of small scale internet applications. The enterprises can deploy a small team of developers to build Web Form applications without any hassle. But the approach lacks the features required to complement the needs of large scale web application development projects. Nowadays, most companies deploy several teams to complete the large scale projects on time. Many organizations even work with distributed teams working from different geographical locations. ASP.NET MVC comes with the features and capabilities required to develop large and complex web application in a distributed environment.

Despite offering a number of additional benefits, ASP.NET MVC is not a replacement of ASP.NET Web Forms. A developer has option to choose any of the two models according to the nature and needs of his project. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a certified .net application development company.

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Why adopt Enterprise ASP dotNet?

ASP.Net or Active Server Pages.Net is used for creation of web pages as well as web based technologies. It is one of the most important as well as valuable tools for the developers or programmers, as it facilitates building dynamic along with rich websites as well as applications by using various compiled languages like C# and Visual Basic.

Why adopt Enterprise ASPNetThe framework applications are not restricted script languages as it provides the option of using various .NET languages like C#, J#, VB and so on. It also allows the developers for building various compelling applications with the help of Visual Studio. In fact, ASP.Net is a purely server-side technology that is built upon a common programming language runtime, which can be utilized on Windows services for hosting various powerful ASP.NET websites as well as technologies.

All these server side technologies are extremely important, when it comes to developing web based applications, both at the grass root level as well as in the enterprise level organizations. Let us discuss in details, why it is extremely feasible to adopt Enterprise ASP.Net.

  • The framework reduces the amount or extent of the required code for building enterprise applications to a significant extent.
  • When it comes to built-in windows authentication along with per-application, the applications are safe as well as secured.
  • It provides much improved performance by taking the advantage of just-in-time compilation along with early binding, native optimization, as well as different caching services.
  • The framework is perfectly complimented by an excellent tool box and a designer in the environment of Visual Studio integrated development. The tool box comes up with some intriguing features like automatic deployment, drag-drop server controls, WYSIWYG editing and so on.
  • It provides simplicity as it makes the performance of common tasks much easier – starting from simple form submission or client authentication to the likes of site configuration and deployment.
  • The source code along with HTML together forms the framework pages, which are easier to maintain as well as write. Besides, the server also executes the source code, which provides a lot of flexibility as well as power to the pages.
  • Its runtime is designed to closely and intensely monitor as well as manage all the associated processes and this ensures that even if a particular process is dead, a new process can be freshly created that will help in keeping the app readily available when it comes to handling the requests.
  • The framework is an absolute server-side technology and hence the codes execute on server, prior to sending it to the browser.
  • It is language-independent and hence it allows choosing that language, which applies best to a particular application or when it comes to partitioning an application across multiple languages.
  • Its deployment is extremely easy and there is hardly any need of registering various components as the configuration information is absolutely build-in.
  • The web server has the capacity to continuously monitor the components, pages, and applications that are running. In the event of the presence of any infinite loop, leak of memory, or any unauthorized activities it automatically restarts itself.
  • It is designed to seamlessly work in tandem with ADO.NET by using features like page formatting along with data-binding. In fact, it is an application, that run extremely fast and is capable of taking care of a huge number of users without affecting its problems whatsoever.

In the nutshell, this framework is the next generation ASP, which is a perfect programming framework that can be used by enterprise organizations for creating enterprise-class websites, web applications, as well as technologies. It comes up with a string of developed applications that are easily accessible on a global basis and that leads to an efficient as well as effective information management. All these are reasons enough for the ASP.Net to be adopted by enterprise organizations. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a certified custom .net development company.

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