Make it as – “ReSharper – An Attractive dotNet Tool”

ReSharper is an additive software module developed by JetBeans that has been specifically designed for the development of the environment Visual Studio. Recently, version 8.2 of the module has been launched. As expected, the latest version comes up with some additional features that make it such an attractive .Net tool. Let us discuss the issue in fairly details.

ReShareper 82 - An attractive Net toolThe new version of ReSharper has come up with some value-added features that have improved the experience of TypeScript coding by many folds. The latest edition significantly expands the area of TypeScript support with some exclusively designed as well as smart finish, that is completed with some “Create From Usage” fixes along with “Import Module” context action. It also comes up with a wide array of navigation combos, a series of naming settings, and support for the generics along with certain options of highlighting the errors that are defined by the compiler.

Other value added features that make the latest edition so very special are Quick Documentation Fixes that include a much expected fix for an epic bug as well as for the infamous red code problem, with the help of Xamarin that is installed along with other fixes.

Here it will perhaps not be inappropriate to mention at this juncture that not all the ReSharper plugins are compatible with the latest variant and in case these plugins are being used, the user will continuously receive update notifications sent by the Extension Manager as and when the new updates are available.

ReSharper can be upgraded to its new variant free of cost for personal as well as academic use, provided the user in question is eligible to use the earlier 8.0 version of the module. The module can be upgraded to the latest version free of cost with all the per-major licenses for 8.x as well as the commercial subscription-based licenses that are purchased as well as renewed on or after 21st March 2013.

Here are a few other features that have been added to the new version.

The 8.2 version has an increased support for the generics along with a string of other improvements that will enhance the type resolution mechanism that is very much customary with ReSharper.

It also comes up with a new “Create from Usage” option that will provide the user the option of ‘using’ the code constructs at first and then follow it up with ‘creating’ them. This particular mechanism supports the creation of a number of various constructs like modules and enum members from the usage. ReSharper 8.2 also supports “Member Generation Settings” for TypeScript code that are generated by user.

Another value added feature that the latest variant comes up with, is the option to highlight the Compiler defined errors. These errors are generally associated with more than 50 quick-fixes. Naming Support is another new feature that has been added. With the help of this feature, the latest variant will be able to provide the option of checking codes against the setting of TypeScript Naming, that will in turn help the users to fix various issues.

Then again, the new option of navigating up & down the inheritance hierarchy is designed to work for type members as well as type declarations. The new “Support for Modules” navigational option also makes a lot of difference in the new version.

There is a new Import Module option of context action that helps the users to automatically add the appropriate import statements when using an external module. The new Smart Completion support option helps to filter out a particular completion list, excluding the subtypes that are structurally compatible.

However, one must not ignore the fact that the dotCover 2.7 as well as the dotTrace Performance 5.5.4 provides integration with the new 8.2 version of ReSharper software module. development teams can help you build projects within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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