C Sharp DotNet Web Development – Develop Robust & Secure Applications

As an object-oriented programming language, C#.Net is used widely by developers to build dynamic and secure applications. In addition to conventional Windows client and client-server applications, the language is also used to build websites, web applications and XML web services that can avail the features and benefits of Microsoft .Net platform. The programmers can combine C# and ASP.NET to build a variety of web applications within a short span of time. At the same time, they also have option to build robust and secure internet application by using several features and functionalities of C#.Net web development. But an organization can always adopt C#.Net web development to deliver powerful applications on time and on budget.

Why Many Enterprises Adopt C#.Net Web Development?

custom .net development company, .net application development services, hire .net developers india1. Smooth Integration with Standard Technologies: Each web application, nowadays, needs to be integrated with a variety of web based solutions and services. The C# developers can avail the support for technologies like XML, SOAP and UDDI. The support enables the networked objects to discover, and communicate with other networked objects. So standard web based services can be seamlessly integrated with the website to optimize its performance and efficiency.

2. Support for Several Languages: The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) further make the .NET framework programming language neutral. So the programmers can write code using any .Net compatible programming language including C++, C#, Cobol.NET and Visual Basic.Net. The codes can be integrated subsequently as if they are written using a single language. So the programmers can adopt C# web development without learning a new programming language.

3. Facilitates Platform-Independent .Net Web Services: Often developers have to write complex and lengthy code to create standard based web services. The .Net frameworks provides a lot of customized tools that help programmers in creating web services that are standard-based, platform-independent and language-neutral. At the same time, the web services can be further seamlessly integrated with a set of widely used Microsoft services like MSN Messenger, Internet Information Server (IIS) and built-in Passport access.

4. Rapid Website Development: The web application developers can further save both time and efforts by using Visual Studio .NET. The integrated development environment (IDE) comes with loads of features required to create robust and secure websites within a shorter span of time. Also, the IDE supports several programming languages including C#, VB.Net and C++. Along with writing code in a programming language of their choice, the programmers can use the handy tools to rapidly build robust websites.

5. Strict Security and Enhanced Reliability: Along with launching a robust web application, the organization also needs to take several steps to make it popular. The popularity of a web application can be enhanced by optimizing security and reliability. The organizations adopting C# web development can avail the security features of the framework to make the application safe and secure. Along with using the built-in Windows authentication, the security of the application can be further optimized by customizing the security features according to project-specific needs.

6. Optimize the Application for Mobile Devices: Nowadays, most users access websites and web applications on their mobile devices. So the application needs to be optimized by targeting a wide variety of mobile devices. The developers have to write additional code to make the application compatible with mobile devices. Also, the look, feel and performance of the application must be tested thoroughly by keeping in mind the latest mobile devices. Microsoft has included several base classes in C#.Net to facilitate mobile application development. The same features can be further availed by the programmers to optimize the internet application for mobile devices.

Microsoft has further launched C# 5.0 with an innovative async and await keyword-based API that will change the way server side code is written. The web developer can use the API to get maximum asynchronicity without writing longer lines of code. You can hire developers from top custom .net development company to assist with your development needs.

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