Advantages Of ASP Dot NET Application Development For Users

Active Server Pages.NET or ASP. NET can be defined as a web application framework that is developed by Microsoft with a view to allow programmers to develop dynamic web pages along with web based services.

.net application development, .net development services, certified .net developersThe uniqueness of the language is that it uses a typical ‘visited composites rendering’ technique. At the time of compilation, the language collates the template or the .aspx file into an initialization code that then builds a composite structure, that is commonly referred to as the control tree. Ideally, this control tree represents the primary template.

Let us now discuss what advantages does .net application development bring for its users.

Technically speaking, the application can be described as a web app framework for building dynamic webpages, web based as well as desktop applications. Development applications of ASP.NET help the end users along with the programmers in a number of ways.

Faster application

It is made faster by the caching and compiled codes. In ASP.NET, the code is compiled into a machine language before any user actually visits the web page. Caching code stores all the information that can be used later on for faster access. The framework allows data caching from a particular database in such a way that the site becomes faster even after the database is visited frequently and a number of times.

Memory Leak and Crash Shielding

In order to make sure that a website does not send any error message to its visitors and is readily available whenever they would need to go through the site, ASP.NET has a mechanism that helps it to automatically recover from errors or memory leaks.

Support to Multiple Language

With the use of this framework, developers are able to write codes in over 25 .NET languages like C#, Jscript. NET, VB.NET and the likes. This naturally provides the users a greater ease and comfort while using the language.

Apart from these relatively major advantages, ASP.NET provides the following advantages to the end users as well as the developers.

  • The application as well as their settings in this framework are safe as well as secure with the built-in windows based authentication.
  • It provides the most simple as well as easy way of performing common tasks that may range from submission of simple forms to deployment and configuration of client authentication.
  • It helps by providing higher performance with the use of just-in-time compilation, early binding, native optimization, along with some out of the box caching services.
  • It helps the user to continuously monitor the pages, as well as the applications that are running on the server. The moment it picks up any illegal activity like memory leaks or presence of infinite loops and the likes, it immediately shuts down and restarts, thus negating their effects.
  • ASP.NET carefully and thoroughly controls and manages all the processes simultaneously so that even if a process dies down, immediately a new process can be started off replacing the dead process. This helps the application to keep running unabatedly. This is particularly handy when it comes to handling requests.
  • It is much easier working with ADO.NET with the use of data binding and page formatting. This particular application works pretty faster. Besides, it has the ability to counter greater number of users without posing any performance related issues.
  • It is a perfect application when it comes to easy deployment without the need of any component registration mainly because all the configuration information remains embedded.

Therefore, it can be commented in nutshell that this particular application, which is undoubtedly the gen-next MS ASP version, is a programming framework that can be used for generating enterprise-class sites, web based technologies as well as applications. It is an excellent tool that provides all the basic and special, value added features that can be utilized across a number of networks. Its most prominent USP is that it is available at an affordable price.

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